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CPU : Intel Core i7-920 - 4 Core Processor ( Cores overclocked @ 3,9 Ghz )
GPU : MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
Mainboard : ASRock X-58 Extreme
RAM : 12 GB Corsair DDR 3 ( low latency )
Soundcard (PCI slot): Soundblaster Z
Drive : Samsung SSD 840 Pro -512 GB

About me

Hi Folks,
i am Lightning and Team GSG 9 is my Clan.

  • I´m playing First Person Shooter games since 1998 !

  • I prefer playing Coop games vs. Bots

  • I love realistic and tactical gameplay with good ingame voice communication.

  • I care for my teammates by covering them and giving fire support as good as i can.

  • I love Close Quarters Combat (CQC) / Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

  • I mostly do fast moves from cover to cover, i am a quick aimer and a very efficient and reliable pointman in a squad !
    --> I am quick as a lightning strike .. that´s why my Nickname is Lightning ;-)

Best regards,

Ingame i am playing as :

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@imacookie said in Summit : Stuck on Hotel, Security side:

Make them destructable?

You would need more than 1 regular magazines to destroy a table by shooting at it but yeah why not ?
Also a good idea !

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Hmmmm , that´s a weird thing.
Do you only have that low FPS in COOP games or also on versus matches with just a few players only ?

Your display driver settings are ok and also your ingame graphics settings are on low.
There is a bottleneck somewhere. Difficult to find.

Did you already try to use MSI Afterburner to find hardware bottlenecks ?
It´s a freeware monitoring and overclocking tool which runs with any hardware.
In that installation package it also includes the Riva Tuner Statistics Server.
Install both and let your Hardware temperature and workload "from each CPU core" monitor on the screen
In the Riva Tuner you can choose the exact place on your monitor where to have that information.

You also can choose GPU temp/ workload , RAM workload , SWAP file size, Voltages, etc.

Also try the command -USEALLAVAILABLECORES in the startline of Sandstorm ( in Steam you can edit the startoption settings for your game )

For comparison i made screenshots from my settings in this guide i made :

Here is another Guide in the steam from to get a better game performance :

I know you wrote that you tried so many guides etc. but may be you didn´t have these.
Worth a try.
In the second guide there are some differences to mine ( PhysX setting in driver and Super sampling off in video settings ingame ) so may be that settings work better ?

I wanted to have maximum performance with a nice flicker free video quality.
What i didn´t like in Sandstorm were the flickering textures in the far distances.
The human eye reacts on any movement in the periphery and those flickering textures made me crazy thinking there are some bots moving but it was just bad graphics settings.
On my solution the picture quality is good enough and i have not a single flickering texture.
To achieve that i have super sampling on x1,25 ( ingame ) and edited the Engine.ini

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Bumping this one up as many players still have problems !

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Why should that be important to have on the final screen ?
If you won the match you get a lot of points and the bar graph rises a lot.
If you lost you only get a few points and there is almost no raise on the bar graph.
It´s totaly sufficient to have the previous screen for detailes info.

But what really is missing on the survey screen is the total amount of ingame money that the player has earned to be able to buy new outfits.

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In the previous screen you have that super duper important information.

It will write in really BIG LETTERS in the middle of the screen :




You can´t miss it !
If you see the word VICTORY that means your team has won the match 😉
There you also can see who has done the most MOST KILLS / MOST HEADSHOTS / etc .

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@mlb7 said in Worst prone ever...:

It's annoying, but realistic. Try lying prone with a firearm and making those moves. Sometimes it is better to crouch if you can't cover everything you need.

No, prone in Ins: Sandstorm is miles away from being realistic !

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Thank you for your time to collect all the videos to investigate some of my thoughts.

Concerning the molotov flames i would say that the molotovs in sandstorm cause a fire that is much bigger than those shown in the videos.
The burning area seems to be approx. 5m² in sandstorm with huge flames raising head high. I don´t believe that someone would go through that fire without protective clothing.

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Why do you play on servers with such a high ping ?

The highest latency i ever played are 130-140ms which is realy very high.
Normally i play with 20-40ms

May be you should try to play on servers in your region and compare if you get the same bugs there.

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@mainfold said in Mod Ideas board:

@gsg_9_lightning said in Mod Ideas board:

the sprinting speed of the characters and bots are decreased

but.... it's not unrealistically fast. You using very high FOV?

I only use 70 degrees FOV to have a more natural viewpoint.
In that reduced FOV the characters are a little bit bigger.

And yes , i think the sprinting speed of the characters ( especially of the bots in COOP gameplay ) is unrealistic high.
Have you ever had a similar equipment loaded on your body ?
Helmet, uniform including knee and ellbow protectors, boots, primary + secondary weapon ( loaded with ammo ) , 6 extra magazines ammunition for primary, 3 extra magazines for secondary, ammo carrier vest including armor plates on front and back, 2 x frag grenades and a RPG on your back !
Let´s say this is approx 30 kg ( plus / minus 5 kg ) and now you try to sprint stairs up with such an equipment or try to jump 80 cm
( 80 cm is the standard jump height in Sandstorm, if you do a crouch jump it is 100 cm ! )

Bots not only rush with such a high sprint speed into mission objectives, they also perform this without even producing noise in some cases !
I tell you what, it´s ridiculous !

Instead they should move with more realistic speeds and use more realistic tactics like : suppressive fire on doors and windows ( covering the aproach of their teammates to the entrance doors ), use flashbangs and frag grenades more efficient in buildings and take cover and watch the area when approaching a fire caused by incendiary greandes or molotovs.
Those stupid AI just walks into the fire in a duckrow like if they were all fire resistant. Not even the dumbest human on this planet would do that.

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Too bad that in a modern FPS game the tables and chairs are immovable.
Would that really eat up so much more RAM or GPU power if the devs could make them moveable ?

By the way, that would be a nice feature to be able to build some kind of barricade on stairs or other bottlenecks if we could move some furniture with our characters by just pushing against them.

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