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CPU : Intel Core i7-920 - 4 Core Processor ( 4 Cores overclocked @ 3,9 Ghz )
GPU : Geforce GTX 1080 Ti ( MSI Gaming X Trio )
Mainboard : ASRock X-58 Extreme
RAM : 12 GB Corsair DDR 3 ( low latency )
Drive : 2 x Samsung SSD 840 Pro ( 2 x 512 GB )

About me

Hello Folks, i am Lightning !
Team GSG 9 is my Clan

  • I´m playing First Person Shooter games since 1998 !

  • I´m playing very often Coop games vs. Bots with friends
    if possible preferably with more than just 4 players

  • I love realistic and tactical gameplay with good ingame voice communication.

  • I care for my teammates by covering them and giving fire support as good as i can.

  • I love Close Quarters Combat (CQC) / Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

  • I mostly do fast moves from cover to cover, i am a quick aimer and deadly pointman in a squad !
    --> that´s why my Nickname is Lightning ;-)

Best regards,
playing as LIGHTNING Team GSG 9

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A decent number of people complain about the reload speeds in the game and say they can easily do better. I'd love to see a video or I don't buy it. Reload speeds in this game are waaaay more realistic than in most computer games.

What about this one ?
Youtube Video

or this one :
Youtube Video

or this one :
Youtube Video

or this one :
Youtube Video

or this one :
Youtube Video

The only difference is the place of the magazines/shotgun shells.
Those in the videos have special holsters on their belly and the soldiers have magazine pouches on the front of their chest ( 6 or 8 pouches )
Therefore it could be maximum 1 second slower for a trained soldier 😉

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Later .... much later, when the NWI guys have fixed all the problems and bugs and added a lot of new content like additional maps and gamemodes they could possibly get bored and then ... just then they might have the time to get new character models for female insurgent fighters. Here is my proposal for different looks :

alt text

This could be the suicide class ( Blue Bang Squad ) equipped with a detonating suicide vest

alt text

Here on the following picture is shown a squad of elite insurgent female fighters ( Codename : Black Squad ).
One of them carrying a black IED ( model handbag ) and another one carrying some dangerous black shoes ( model long range throw ) with one-hit-kill 😃
( One-hit-kill because of the deadly smell by sweaty feet .. those shoes have been worn for weeks without washing feet in preperation for the deadly attacks )

alt text

Especially the one-hit-kill sniper sandals / shoes are very interesting for these elite fighters.
Watch the following video which was made by a hidden camera by one of our spies in a secret insurgent training camp ( showing an elite throw instructor ) :
😃 ROFL !!!!

PS : This is the western smelly sneaker counterpart to the middle-eastern model
A special anti-smell-specialist defuses the danger outgoing from this deadly weapon ( after the defusing process the sneakers are complying with the Geneva conventions ) :
Youtube Video

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I support the idea of reducing the players top speed and acceleration depending on the weight of the loadout !
Independent of the map ( big or small ) i prefer to have a movement speed and acceleration which is equivalent to the one in real life.

Sure this is no infantry simulator, in real life you cannot run with max speed and heavy loadout for so long time.
But i also would like to have a stamina system added which cutts off the max speed after a specific distance ( depending of your loadout weight ) and also blocks the next running for let´s say for 20 seconds.
That would reduce the overall running and gunning tactics of so many players which is NOT Team oriented gameplay but instead just selfish ( trying to get the capture points / points for destruction of the weapon cache ). This would raise the immersion and give a little reward for slower players who just run from cover to cover giving fire support for their teammates.

The bots need that adjustment too.

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Sorry, but It has nothing to do with the camera position.
You can see what i mean when you are watching other players stepping under the doorframes. They look like little dwarfs.
The doorframes are ridiculously high.
When you jump up your head does not hit the upper frame which is a good indicator that those doors are way too high.
Do it at home in real life as a comparison ( but don´t forget to wear a protective helmet ..lol )
You will see it is easy to hit it with your head.
This should to be fixed.

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Am i the only one who noticed that all the doors in Sandstorm look like they were built for giants ?
Let´s say an avarege male character in the game who might be around 1,75 meters ( +/- 5 cm ) steps through a doorframe and looks up when he is under the doorframe, it seems like the upper doorframe is untouchable high. As if the doors were maid for 2,30 meter basketball players to fit under them, although the width of the doors are normal.
To my opinion it looks very unnatural.
The characters height are 2/3 of the height of the doorframe.
Are the characters too small ? What if you guys adjusted the height of the characters ( make them a little bigger ) would´t that look better ?

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Yeah a friend of mine has that problem too.
For some reason he didn´t spawn 3 times in row. He had to watch all the time.
Then he added a gas mask to his loadout and after that he could spawn with the next wave again.
So the loadout seems to affect the spawn.

I personally never encountered such a problem.

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I support that proposal !
Even the game Ground Branch has that second sight on side rails of the primary weapons as it is a realistic feature !

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In demolition class my character carries a flashbang , a molotov and an anti-tank weapon in the loadout.
When it depends on splitseconds to use a specific grenade-type, i always lose important time selecting the right one.

Am i the only one who misses direct keybindings for specific grenade types ?

I find it very frustrating to have to press several times the same single key to finally grab the anti-tank weapon ( RPG ) from my loadout.
Each keypress takes time, plus the animation time to pull out the wrong grenade ( which i dont want to use )
For the easy and fast choise it would be great to have different keys for the items.

Does anyone else support my request ?

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