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My character carries a flashbang , an Incendiary grenade and an anti-tank weapon in the loadout.
When it depends on splitseconds to use a specific grenade-type, i always lose important time selecting the right one.

Am i the only one who misses direct keybindings for specific grenade types ?

I find it very frustrating to have to press several times the same single key to finally grab the anti-tank weapon ( RPG ) from my loadout.
Each keypress takes time, plus the animation time to pull out the wrong grenade ( which i dont want to use )
For the easy and fast choise it would be great to have different keys for the items.

For example Keyboard Buttons:

  • 1 - Primary weapon
  • 2 - Secondary weapon
  • 3 - Frag grenade
  • 4 - Flashbang
  • 5 - Smoke gredane
  • 6 - Incendiary grenade // Molotov
  • 7 - C4 // IED
  • 8 - RPG // Panzerfaust // AT-4
  • 9 - Knife ( Button number 9 because the knife is the least used item šŸ¤£ ! )

Does anyone else support my request ?

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After connecting to a coop server in my region ( Europe ) its always the same :

After loading screen i am in the loadout menu : I choose a class and preset weapon set as fast as i can and deploy.
And voila , i am too late , because 2 or 3 guys already started the round and i am just spectator until they take the first mission objective.

And surprise surprise .. i am not the only one who is too late. Most times half of the team or sometimes even up to 6 guys are also waiting as spectators.

My game is installed on a SSD and loading times are NOT slow !
But there seem to be a lot of players that have super fast M.2 SSDĀ“s or faster SSD than i actually have.
Well anyway....I think we need an extra 15 seconds timer before the round starts ( just as it is in the original Insurgency game) .

What do you guys think ?

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Developers Feedback has always been important for the community.

I cannot remember any thread here in the Sandstorm Forum where a software developer of NWI posted something like ( for example ) :

  • Yes, thank you for your finding
  • Noticed, good suggestion !
  • Will put it on the to do list
  • Acknowledged
  • confirmed and working on it

or something like :

  • no we donĀ“t want this
  • that is not the way we want the game to go

Alexbronski is the only one who comments here and he is not even a software programmer as far as i know and doesnt really count as a member of the software developers team.
Please donĀ“t get me wrong. He is doing a great job as a community manager but he cannot give us sufficient information about the intentions of the developers.

So my question to the developers :
Do you guys have too much work to do or do you just have no interest in what we write here ?
Many of us are investing a lot of time in this forum and i have the impression that we are completely ignored.

Steam Forums get more attention of NWI, although steam is just a gaming platform for buying, organizing and modding games.

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I would like to make some proposal to improve the server browser to the needs of players :

  • Please add a "Favourite" Tab/List AND a possibility to mark a server as my favourite so i can find it quickly in my favorite list

  • Please add a "Played Recently" Tab/List to be able to find a server which i played on a few days or weeks ago ( which i didnĀ“t add to my favorite list )

  • Please add a possibility to search a gameserver by name or fragments ( for example : i just know the server i am looking for contains the words "Angry Bots" )

  • Additionally we urgently need the INFO of the SERVER NAME and IP ADRESS when pressing TAB ( Keybind : Scoreboard/tactical Map ) ingame to be able to tell friends on which custom server we are playing so that they can follow on the same server.

  • Please add the possibility to join the same server on which friends are playing by just following them by steam friends option. ( canĀ“t be impossible to do that as many games offer this function ) Makes things much easier when trying to find steam friends games to follow them into the game.

These are important features a server browser and a multiplayer game should offer their playerbase, at least in the year 2019.

Thank you in advance !
Would like to see my suggestions supported by community members. šŸ˜‰

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First of all dear NWI developers you really did a great job with this awsome game !
You created a fantastic war athmosphere and the possibility to play very nice coop games with 8 people !
Thank you so much for your efforts so far and in the future !
I canĀ“t wait to play other maps on the final version, especially the custom ones from the Insurgency ( 2014 ) game.

There are just a few minor things to get polished and patched and there it is, the successor which is better and brighter and more authentic.

I just have one big wish for the final relase, please do some adjustments to the A.I. behaviour !
There are moments in the game where i cannot believe what has happened in that situation. For example :

  1. ) Directly after the team fullfilled an objective the dead people spawn at a specific point close to the objective.
    Just in this moment those new spawning teammates have a short loading animation for the primary weapon which takes only a few seconds.
    Well, thats not a bad thing, but please donĀ“t allow the Bots to walk to that spawn-spot !.
    You can imagine what has happened.. the bots shot one or two players down before they even can open fire on them , because of the loading animation.
    Very frustrating moments and happening so often on various maps.

2.) The instant 70-150 meter A.I. sniper killshots with 100 % accuracy, within approximatly 50-100 milisecods.
Happened a few times now that i step out of cover and see a bot stepping out of his cover at the exact same time in a big distance and get instantly shot by exact this bot ( i can see his muzzle flash before i die, so it must be him ). The bots have super fast and super accurate hitting skills on great distances. Very frustrating because this is far away from being realistic.

3.) The poor hitting skills of the bots in close combat are still dissapointing a little.
It is way too easy to fight in close combat against the bots because they have too slow reaction times, they donĀ“t use suppression fire and they donĀ“t use cover efficiently.
Sometimes they just wait in a room and stare to the wall just to turn around in the moment the player enters the room which gives the player the time to easily kill the bot.
ThatĀ“s why Flashbangs are totaly unnecessary in this game ( because of the bad skills of the A.I. in close combat )
Covering each other seems not to be implemented. One gets the impression that each bot fights for himself. No team tactics .. just walking in a row and then getting killed one by one... no supression fire. Dissapointing as i said.

What they really do well is attacking an objective at the same time from different doors.
Their entry timing is excellent !
But they act slow in such situations which makes them easy to kill targets.

When i compare the A.I. with those of Ghost Recon: Wildlands i must come to the conclusion, that in Sandstorm the A.I. could be much more agile at close combat while their distant shooting skills are overpowered in most cases. They definatly need an overhauling.

Making the bots more dangerous also would reduce the speed of players with run and gun tactics and force them to play as a squad or team.

By the way ... i have the impression, that the actual generation of kids/young people donĀ“t have the patience and teamspirit to play such games as Sandstorm like itĀ“s meant to be played.
Slow paced, covering each other and still quick when it depends on ( clearing buildings, moving from safe cover to cover )
Many of them are running around like headless chicken just to be first on objectives and making the most points by doing so.
Those selfish guys want to be everywhere at the same time running from entrance to entrance to get the most kills instead of just waiting at a specific point and defend the objective so that the whole team survives (without getting shot in the back or getting flanked). I hope my words make some people think about how they act and hopefully inspire them to play for the survival of the team.
Not only keeping the kill ratio high should be considered, but more to keep the the death ratio of each teammember as low as possible should be in main focus of the players.
Protect each other like it would be in a real combat situation.
I know itĀ“s a game .. it should be fun and bla bla bla ( so many times i heard this bullshit ) .. ..but hey .. the realistic tactics are so rewarding.
Succesfully reaching the mission objectives with few to none deaths of teammembers is so satisfying.

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In demolition class my character carries a flashbang , a molotov and an anti-tank weapon in the loadout.
When it depends on splitseconds to use a specific grenade-type, i always lose important time selecting the right one.

Am i the only one who misses direct keybindings for specific grenade types ?

I find it very frustrating to have to press several times the same single key to finally grab the anti-tank weapon ( RPG ) from my loadout.
Each keypress takes time, plus the animation time to pull out the wrong grenade ( which i dont want to use )
For the easy and fast choise it would be great to have different keys for the items.

Does anyone else support my request ?

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I propose you read some forum threads to get an answer on this question.
ItĀ“s complex and cannot be answered in just one sentence.

There are a lot of things that donĀ“t work proper yet :

  • stuttery / jittery moves of the characters in online games ( coop and versus ) EDIT : Update 1.2 finaly improved the moving animation

  • bad average FPS performance ( related to Unreal 4 engine which seems to be completely new to the NWI developers, so they have to figure out how to optimize the game for older/weaker hardware )

  • stupid AI behaviour in coop games :
    Bots are walking in a duckrow through molotov and incendiary fire and getting killed one after another ( they MUST learn to wait until the fire is off or flank ),
    they are running with speeds like 100 meter sprinting world champions although they are carrying weapons and equipment of 20-40 kilogramms,
    insta-killshots from ridiculous distances and at close range ( for example coming around the corner ),

  • RPGĀ“s explode in your face because the fired rocket cannot pass objects close to your line of sight ( needs bugfixing )

  • You cannot throw a pack of C4 or an IED more than 8 meters ( which is a ridiculous decision of the devs )

  • The Dshk ( .cal 50 gunner on the truck ) has endless ammo and he kills people hiding behind walls ( as if he has x-ray vision paired with insta-kill-aimbot )

  • ridiculous "GPS guided" Molotovs and Frag grenades that hit you with 100 % accuracy when you hide behind a cover for a few seconds

  • following a steam friend onto a sandstom server is too difficult for people who donĀ“t know steam so well ( too complicated right now ) **EDIT : Update 1.2 implemented the name of the custom gameserver on the scoreboard screen on the top right **

  • some minor graphics and sound bugs ( regular sound cut-out for 5-8 seconds ---> complete silence )

  • no votekick option on servers to remove people who are teamkilling or trolling around EDIT : Update 1.2 finaly integrated votekick on regular servers

  • bad visibility of the laser dot ( they should better use a bright green laser instead of the red one / also there is no visible laser beam in smoky conditions ( which is kind of dissapointing )

  • But the most important necessity : This game needs more maps , especially custom maps and mods, because itĀ“s getting boring to play over and over the same few maps.
    This game needs the work of Modders to make it interesting again, so we need the SDK tool released as soon as possible !

  • Did i forget something important ? Please add more if so šŸ˜‰

All in all the game is really fun and very intense , but really needs some bugfixing and changes ( rethink decisions )

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@ahmadthemad said in WTF are they doing:

Why The Fuck Aren't they releasing any patches to fix this broken ass game? FUCK THIS SHIT GIVE MY MONEY BACK I'M DISAPPOINTED IN THIS GAME

Ahmad , you really donĀ“t have any manners, do you ?
If you followed the NWI news on steam and Youtube you should know that the patch is coming end of octobre ( within the next week )
If you donĀ“t like the game, just apply for refund and leave !!!
We ( the Insurgency community ) wonĀ“t miss people who cannot even behave in a Forum of a game which actually is in beta state.
Instead of being so negative why donĀ“t you help make this game better by specifiying your problems with the game ?

Edit :
Interesting how different the opinion of a person can be and change within a few days.
On 13th Octobre you posted : " Keep up the good work I hope this game will be the shooter of the year for me right now it is the shooter of the year "

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I agree 100 %
Please NWI develeopers, remove damage reflection !

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I would like to propose a rework of the lasers we have in Sandstorm.

The little red point which is projected by the laser attachment on weapons is not corresponding to the real looks of a laser point in reality.
The red point is not really easy to see ( which it should be ) especially in close combat situations within buildings.
The red point should be much brighter especially when the backround is not black.

Also the laser beam is not existant in Sandstorm.
But it should be visible in foggy/smoky situations ( many dust particles in the air which reflect the laser and make the beam visible )
When you have a look on these pictures below you should understand what i mean :
0_1551612575507_Weapons-Red-laser.jpg 0_1551612726141_Soldier_Aiming_with_Laser_Light_Module_MOD_45155932_compressed.jpg
By the way, green lasers are better visible by the human eye and therefore more common in military and police units and thats the main reason why it also should be integrated to Sandstorm and replace the red laser.
0_1551613736341_weapon lasers.jpg
Even in bright light you still can see the green laser beam
0_1551613148973_pistol laser.jpg

Better visible lasers not only would raise the realism but also would add some tactical useage :

  • As a coop player you can see which area is actually covered by teammates and this would help to reposition yourself and your own defense direction.
  • In versus games you would be forced to turn the laser on/off depending on situation to not give away your own position which makes the use of lasers more challenging.

What do you guys think about it ?

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And THAT is the reason why i mostly play on custom Coop servers as the communication and teamplay is much much better on them.

Many more defending bots on mission objectives and several spawning botwaves also make the game more challenging and take the speed out of it
( i mean the rushing to objectives by few individuals ).
You will only survive if you move as a team and fight as a team because bots will flank and surround you quicker than you can reaload and react on them.
If you donĀ“t have a teammate beside you who protects you while reloading, you are dead !

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As usually a very nice and detailed post about your experiences with the A.I. behaviour !
Thumbs up ! I totally support your suggestions you made.

To be sure that the criticism of the Bots exaggerated abilities is not just coming from just a few COOP game enthusiasts, the developers should bring out a survey especially for COOP game mode to understand clearly what our needs ( regarding the A.I. behaviour ) are.

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NWI Developers , please listen to what we are telling you about A.I. !!!
It really needs overhauling and you know that .. so please put all your efforts into the A.I. programming , and if you cannot do it because it isnĀ“t your expertise, then at least hire some external A.I. programmers to get the job done ! ItĀ“s your only chance to make this game a successor that is superior to the old insurgency.
Otherwise it will just be Insurgency 2.1 with better graphics and more intense war athmosphere.
The A.I. behaviour is the most important element of a coop game, please donĀ“t mess it up ! We really would like to see progress in this sector.

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I absolutely agree 100 % to what thehappybub wrote above !
He forgot to mention that any Rifle bullet and bigger pistol caliber should be one shot kills on targets that donĀ“t wear any ballistic/armour vest ( hitting the head or the chest )
The arms and legs should be two shot kills.

Insurgency has always been more lethal than Battlefield or CoD.

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This game is face paced and full of intense firefights.
Anyone who survives all the firefights without dying even once should be honored by extra experience points and mentioning at the end among the headshot masters and other achievements.

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Well to be honest i didntĀ“t like the customization at the beginning, but as time passed by i I got used to it.

As long as the base colors of Security Forces stay olive/green/sand itĀ“s easy to identify them such as teammembers or enemies depending on which side you play.
The Insurgents are a very colorfull group of "Rebels" who really donĀ“t have any similarities to real world combatants in the middle-east.
But hey, this is not a realism based shooter ! ItĀ“s just a new aproach that makes us smile when we see those outfits, beards and sunglasses.

As long the typical colors help to avoid teamkills and also help to identify friends ( to be able to stick together ) itĀ“s a funny thing.

The negative side is that in versus mode the insurgents have disadvantage because of the bright shining colors.
They cannot hide as good as insurgents which often leads to frustration.
I know, dark colors are available too but then again the friends identification suffers, because everyone in the team uses almost the same colors.

In Insurgency2 i always have difficulties to stick together with friends becaue everyone looks the same and in the middle of a firefight you can quickly lose sight on your teammates who run around like headless chicken( some of them). So you only know exactly where your friends are as long as they constantly tell you their own location.

As i said i get used to Sandstorm outfits now and i find it helpfull to find my friends just by looking for their outfit.
Even if we would play on servers which have Team-markers disabled, we still could find our friends quickly.

IsnĀ“t that a good thing ? šŸ˜‰

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We need new custom maps and mods !

NWI please release the modding SDK and make the game interesting again !!!

This would open an "INTERACTIVE" whole "NEW WORLD" šŸ˜‰

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Because there are better features to prevent teamkills !

By the way damage reflection is the perfect way for trolls :
They jump into your fireline or your grenade explosion intentionally and cause your death.
After your death all you can do is watching him doing idiotic things. You cannot even votekick him.
ItĀ“s absurd to keep damage reflection.

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Youtube Video

In my opinion this video shows the real capabilities of the Unreal 4 engine and it should be used in Sandstorm too !
This video was published in 2016, so itĀ“s nothing new.
So the question is , why do we have such a bad weapon collision ?

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Having extra sliders in the Audio Settings for different sound sources would help to adjust everyones preferences :

  • You want to have louder gunshots

  • I would like to have louder ingame Voice over IP sound of my teammates
    Very often i can hardly understand what most of them are talking because all the noise ingame is too loud in comparison:
    hovering helicopter, gunshots, artillery, callouts, etc.