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Lightning Team GSG 9

My specs :
CPU : Intel Core i7-920 - 4 Core Processor ( Cores overclocked @ 3,9 Ghz )
GPU : MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
RAM : 12 GB Corsair DDR 3 ( low latency )
Soundcard (PCI slot): Soundblaster Z
Drive : Samsung SSD 840 Pro -512 GB

About me

Hi Folks,
i am Lightning and Team GSG 9 is my Clan which exists since 1998 !

  • I prefer playing COOP games with my teammates versus A.I. Bots
  • Realistic and tactical gameplay with good ingame voice communication is very important for me.
  • I care for my teammates by covering them and giving fire support as good as i can.
  • Close Quarters Combat (CQC) / Close Quarters Battle (CQB) is my favourite !
  • I mostly do fast moves from cover to cover, i am a quick aimer and a very efficient and reliable pointman in a squad !

--> I am as quick as a lightning strike .. that´s why my Nickname is Lightning ;-)

Best regards,

Ingame i am playing as :

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Coop gamemode,

Location :
Map : Farmhouse
ALPHA mission objective ( Players are Security Forces )

One of the three identical vases in that room is indestructable !
Why ? Is it made out of steel or concrete ? I think not.
The vase should also act like the other two vases which you can shoot in little pieces.

vase 01.jpg
vase 02.jpg
vase 03.jpg
vase 04.jpg

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Players legs and feet are dissapearing when they are proned on stairs.
A graphical fix would be nice to raise the immersion.

dissapearing legs.jpg

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Sorry but I read to much negativity here.
If you guys don´t feel rewarded in any form it might be a subjective experience on your side.
One reason for players only having 50´s rank also might be that they are continuing playing on custom servers which don´t raise the rank.
I always play on custom servers ( until i want to have new cosmetic items ) and i think many other coop players act similar.
Because the "standard" ( official NWI server settings ) only offer reduced fun.
If i only played on official servers i would have reached a rank far beyond 400 with my 772 hours of coop gameplay.
Right now its just around rank 91 or so.

For me there is no comparable FPS game on the market ( at the moment ) which offers such a great fun with up to 10 players in COOP games and which also offers so freakin intense and atmospheric gameplay.
I enjoy any minute of the game even if there are still bugs which have to fixed i never would stop playing this awsome game !
Thank you NWI for this masterpiece !

If you guys are bored or don´t have any motivation to play it longer, then it might be time for you guys to move on and play some other games.
May be you return in Q1 of 2020 and look what has changed during your absence.

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Just after starting the round on Rafinery map ( on the way to Alpha mission objective ) there are some bots who get stuck on that "new concrete walls" .
Players can see them waiting on that location because their weapon barrels do not collide with the walls ( which is very dissapointing in a 2018 FPS game )
Their weapon muzzles are completely visible.
The bots just jump up on their location ( being aware of the enemy contact ) but they are not able to run around the concrete walls.
It´s very easy to shoot them through the vertical gaps without having the risk of being attacked by them.
Even passing the concrete wall in leaned postion for a clean shot does not make the bots run around the corner and open fire as it
should be in that situation.

Please have a look at these screenshots :


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He wants to have it smooth like oil with doubling the GPU powaaa 😉
In case you didnt know : WRITING WITH BIG LETTERS in Forums / chats / social media platforms means you are yelling / speaking very loud / to express that you are very upset about something.

We all know that some things are wrong in the game, no need to scream loud about it.
We can hear you, even if you write with normal letters 😉

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Bumping this one up !
Nobody that i played with wants the Mosin or any other bolt action rifle as primary weapon when spawning ( after death ) in hardcore mode.
I cannot understand the idea behind that decision.
An unmodified M16 or M4 on Security Forces side and an AK 74 on Insurgents side would have been perfect for that.

Dear Forum Moderators, inform the NWI developers team about this necessity to change that primary weapon.
It´s the most fun killing thing in hardcore mode right now.

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On some community servers it already has been changed to regular weapons ( no more crappy bolt action weapons when spawning )
I wished it was standard on regular servers too.
Those bolt action weapons really take the fun out of the game.

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A good reason for me to continuously play this game is the very rewarding feeling that you get in COOP games when my team succesfully neutralizes a high amount of bots on custom servers.
The teamplay is much better in most cases ( although on regular servers the teamplay also got significantly better since the newly introduced hardcore gamemode )
Why not try to play this game as efficient as possible ? ( trying to reduce your own deaths and those of your teammates to zero )
It´s always a good feeling to save your teammates in dangerous situations.
And at the end of the match i mostly say : " Yesss, that was a good game ! "

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@Splatttt said in Invisible Fire:

Invisible Fire From Molotov have to be fixed ASAP. Seriously

Yes confirmed, happens really often in coop games that teammembers step into invisible fire !

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I also can confirm that in COOP games in some of the helicopter attacks it will quickly get shot down by bots, but also
that they will do 6 - 10 kills in average, so it seems to be balanced to me.

It really depends on the location where the helicopter is sent to.
If it gets support by players decimating the bots, it´s survival chances are rising.