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Lightning Team GSG 9

My specs :
CPU : Intel Core i7-920 - 4 Core Processor ( Cores overclocked @ 3,9 Ghz )
GPU : MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
RAM : 12 GB Corsair DDR 3 ( low latency )
Soundcard (PCI slot): Soundblaster Z
Drive : Samsung SSD 840 Pro -512 GB

About me

Hi Folks,
i am Lightning and Team GSG 9 is my Clan which exists since 1998 !

  • I prefer playing COOP games with my teammates versus A.I. Bots
  • Realistic and tactical gameplay with good ingame voice communication is very important for me.
  • I care for my teammates by covering them and giving fire support as good as i can.
  • Close Quarters Combat (CQC) / Close Quarters Battle (CQB) is my favourite !
  • I mostly do fast moves from cover to cover, i am a quick aimer and a very efficient and reliable pointman in a squad !

--> I am as quick as a lightning strike .. that´s why my Nickname is Lightning ;-)

Best regards,

Ingame i am playing as :

Recent Posts
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Confirming too, it´s working again.
Thank you very much ! Good work !

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If you didn´t have success with Feuerholzes solution you can try to download a non corrupted normaliz.dll file from here :

If replacing the file ( on its original location ) doesn´t help either i would try to put Insurgency on the whitelist of Kaspersky.
If this doesn´t work download another good antivirus program like Avast free. Then deinstall kaspersky and after that immediatly instal the new Antivirus program ( if you use Windows 10 you don´t need another external antivirus as Windows itself has a very good defender software which works excellent.

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So i am not the only one having this problem !?
Getting no feedback from others made me hesitate to contact another Forum Moderator as the last one does not react in any form on my help call.

Well now i try to contact all of them 😉


Help please !
The forum setting is out of order.

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Why do you think that i would act like i described in my post above ?
It was just an example that some players/friends ( who have the majority on a server ) eventually might act like that, if they have no other reason to start a votekick.
For some groups there is no real reason necessary to start a kick procedure. So i was just bringing up an example what they might have in mind.
No reason to start a fight here buddy 😉
I would not start or participate in a votekick just because somebody is rushing the mission objectives.
To be honest, i don´t like if it happens, but i am not the one who is punishing that behaviour.

By the way,a few weeks ago many players wished to have the votekick option and now i just read a couple of complaints about that feature being abused.
We need a new survey ( only for coop games ) so that NWI knows better the needs of us and can make decision based on tendency.

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Hey dear Community Manager !
Would be great to get some feedback on the reported forum bug.
Am i the only one who has this problems or is it a common problem ?
How can i fix this ?
Or does it have to be done by the forum administrators ?
May be it´s just a minor thing in the firefox browser settings ? A checkbox somewhere in the security settings may be ?

It would be nice just to receive the unread topics/replies ONLY in the category Insurgency Sandstorm as i only own this specific game.
Right now there always are new topics/replies from ALMOST ALL games in this forum in the category "Unread".

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@HAL-9000 and @mateen27
I also haven´t been kicked yet and i also didn´t see anyone getting votekicked in any of the games i participated.

The Sandstorm community really asked for so long time to get this feature implemented
( because of the toxic, trolling players disturbing the gameplay ).
And now we have it finally !

So why don´t you just ask yourself if may be you gave a good reason to get votekicked ?
May be you rushed the mission objectives too quick and others didn´t want that ! ?
Perhaps they wanted to play slow and tactical while you were too fast and and pushing agressively ?
I think that it is very unlikely that so many players on a server are going to kick a player if he doesn´t give any good reason.

Even if there was a group of (steam)friends ( having the majority on one of the official NWI servers ) who are playing just the way they think this game should be played, i believe that everyone can try to integrate in that actual playstyle ( defensive and tactical ).
My advice, use your ingame Voice over IP feature to communicate with the group and ask if there is any desired playstyle.
Believe me when i say , running around like a headless chicken with guns blazing is not the way this game should be played.

Some groups ( which have the majority in that squad ) might not tolerate other players at all and votekick them without any reason,
but hey, there are a lot of other official NWI servers out there, i am sure you will find another one where you can play without getting votekicked !

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Even if NWI would integrate the mapvote function, how do you think would it affect the group when changing the map ?
As we all know the group/team does not get on the exact same server/game even when all of the players click on "next map" on the top after each
finished match ( the screen where we can see the earned XP , Rank, earned tokens and available new clothes ).
As long they don´t fix that, they cannot integrate a new mapvote function as almost half of the team still would play on another server/game.

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I don´t want to start a fight here , but have you guys ever thought about the possibility that another guy / bot might have shot you from another angle while you were aiming at that specific player / bot ?

I mean it´s possible, that you have been shot by one of the other guys and now you think the game has a broken visual mechanic or is not synchronized well enough.
You never can be really sure because there are so many other players and bots on a server.
And as we know one-shot-kills are always possible and when that happens you don´t have a marker where you can see where the shots are coming from and you cannot hear the exact direction, as you die instantly.

To be honest, it never happened to me that i was shot by a bot that was looking away from me.

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Still not working !

Am i the only one who has problems with all the topics in the category "unread" and the watching/ignoring thing ?
Any feedback would be nice !!
Edit : Using Firefox ( latest version ) webbrowser.