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Lightning Team GSG 9

My specs :
CPU : Intel Core i7-920 - 4 Core Processor ( Cores overclocked @ 3,9 Ghz )
GPU : MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
RAM : 12 GB Corsair DDR 3 ( low latency )
Soundcard (PCI slot): Soundblaster Z
Drive : Samsung SSD 840 Pro -512 GB

About me

Hi Folks,
i am Lightning and Team GSG 9 is my Clan which exists since 1998 !

  • I prefer playing COOP games with my teammates versus A.I. Bots
  • Realistic and tactical gameplay with good ingame voice communication is very important for me.
  • I care for my teammates by covering them and giving fire support as good as i can.
  • Close Quarters Combat (CQC) / Close Quarters Battle (CQB) is my favourite !
  • I mostly do fast moves from cover to cover, i am a quick aimer and a very efficient and reliable pointman in a squad !

--> I am as quick as a lightning strike .. that´s why my Nickname is Lightning ;-)

Best regards,

Ingame i am playing as :

Recent Posts
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Ever thought of buying a mouse with programmable sidebuttons ( for the thumb use ) ?
That way you can use any keyboard binding and use the lean function very intuitive.

There are very cheap mice with sidebuttons just like this one :

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Yes, i support @Sandville with his proposal !

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And THAT is the reason why i mostly play on custom Coop servers as the communication and teamplay is much much better on them.

Many more defending bots on mission objectives and several spawning botwaves also make the game more challenging and take the speed out of it
( i mean the rushing to objectives by few individuals ).
You will only survive if you move as a team and fight as a team because bots will flank and surround you quicker than you can reaload and react on them.
If you don´t have a teammate beside you who protects you while reloading, you are dead !

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Try this :

  1. ) Close Insurgency:Sandstorm and return to Desktop

  2. ) Open the main Window of Steam (double clicking on the Steam taskbar icon if Steam is already launched or just Start Steam from Desktop Icon ) , then click on Steam ( left Top ) and then click on Settings.

  3. ) In the new Window choose : In Game ( on the left side - 3rd from Top ) and then click on the setting below of ---> Serverbrowser: Max Pings per minute :
    Choose ----> Automatic ( 3000 )

4.) Click on ---> OK

  1. ) Now start the game again and try it again to find servers on the custom server browser.

It should work now !

Edit : Also ensure that your Windows Firewall and your Router Firewall are not blocking the game !

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Thank you for the detailed feedback of the survey results !

I am a little dissapointed that the mod support will be coming in the seconds half of 2019 but let´s see it positive, it will be fully integrated which will open the door for talented map builders and modders.
Thank you you all for your passionate, hard work on this game and for your interest to keep up the communication with your player base !

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Yeah the grenade selection in Sandstorm is a very bad solution and i also discussed that in another thread :

I hope that the developers will change that soon.

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Having extra sliders in the Audio Settings for different sound sources would help to adjust everyones preferences :

  • You want to have louder gunshots

  • I would like to have louder ingame Voice over IP sound of my teammates
    Very often i can hardly understand what most of them are talking because all the noise ingame is too loud in comparison:
    hovering helicopter, gunshots, artillery, callouts, etc.

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I can understand your frustration !
But to be honest Insurgency:Sandstorm only crashed may be 3-4 times since alpha release for me.
I have 667 hours of gameplay right now and it runs very stable.

To me it sounds like you might have a hardware problem : It may be your Mainboard or a defective RAM module !

I had similar trouble some time ago with Ghost Recon:Wildlands.
I did all kinds of deinstallation / reinstallation and changed the overclocking frequencies ( put them back to standard ) and even a higher Voltage of the CPU didn´t help.
The only thing that helped me was to remove 2 of the 3 RAM modules and test them in single operation.
As expected one of my 4 GB RAM Modules caused instability and crashed the game.
Took me a while to find that error.

May be this helps you too ?
Give it a try.

Edit : My Operating System is Windows 7 - Professional 64-Bit Version
After i installed Windows 10 a few years ago i had very often blue screens on my computer so Windows 10 seems to have some problems with some hardware combination.
So i went back to Windows 7 and had no problems since then.
If nothing helps try to find a copy of Windows 7 and try your luck.

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I support this suggestion 100 %

Please forward this great idea to the NWI devs.

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To be honest i prefer the actual color tone.
It reminds me more of the warm middle eastern region and therefore raises the immersion.