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Thanks for the reply. I understand there are a lot of factors involved in the making of the game but knowing you guys at least want to hear what we fans say is very heartening. Hope we eventually get that multiplayer campaign mode. ☺

To add to the proposals, it would be cool to have a map editor too.

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Will it be possible to organize a campaign with your friends, a la Blood Bowl videogame leagues?
I'm ok with multiplayer online with random people, but Necromunda really shines when you organize a campaign with many different players, each one running a gang with ita members gaining skills, getting injuries, acquiring equipment... It really creates a story on its own.
Our campaigns even included unofficial bounties for particularly notorious gangers (The Mutant was this guy who ran three times his movement AND shot his flamethrower), and it was a lot of fun.

Also, will 2v2 or 3v3 games be possible?

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What I really, really hope is that they incorporate two things regarding game modes:

  1. A way to play multiplayer in a "private campaign" server mode: that is, campaigns where you and your friends can join and play games whenever you want, while the server keeps track of your wounds, experience, territories, equipment... kind of like if you were playing a campaign on tabletop with your friends. You can invite people, and people can play matches between them whenever they want, but you are not forced to play with strangers or anything. This would be really awesome because it would recreate the tabletop feeling of creating a story with your friends. I can't emphasize how cool it is when you've played 20 matches on a campaign and your gangers each have their personal stories, their grudges, wounds etc... And you also know your buddies' gangers by name!

  2. If they change the ruleset (incorporating HPs or stuff like that) I would pray for a way to play "classic" Necromunda, with rules from the tabletop game. That is, just an implementation of the tabletop game, with all its pros and cons. I don't care if you can "see" all hidden miniatures (which was an obvious drawback of playing with miniatures, obviously), the original system worked well.

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