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I am not on the preview and have the issue.
It’s a bit sad that it was not fixed with the latest update.
Can you please ask the devteam to add a achievement check when loading a save file?
Considering that the achievements are unmissable due to how the story goes, they can be flagged for unlock based upon how far the player has gotten, which can be read through the save file.

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The unmissable story achievements for the Mary boss and the next one after it did not unlock for me. The ones beyond that have unlocked.

Thank you and I hope it can be fixed with an update.

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I have the same issue. I got achievements until one of the later boss fights and after that no more.
I think the game should have a check when you load a game to check how far in the story you are, and set of the achievement unlock flags as a fail safe.
I think the problem is related to playing the game with older disc version and then updating.

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