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I think that some additional environmental hazards should be added to the game, such as rain, snow, fog, etc. It would be great to see thunder during the night or have visibility limited due to fog. Is this something that can be added?

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As a new Xbox One version player, I have only about 13 hours under my belt. There are a few things that jump right off the bat that would be nice if implemented:

  • Detail more clearly the different characteristics of each vehicle from in-game, so I don't need to go hunting through forums and websites to know the difference between each truck.

  • Add something else to on each map. I have carried logs, cleared watchpoints, and found locked vehicles. Add more tasks to do, like finding secret spots, secret items, etc.

  • Add some sort of NPC interactions, like traffic, quests, etc.

The best part of the game for me is the back roads exploration, so if I could complete a few tasks in the meantime, it would be even better.

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Well, there are 6 maps like that one in the game. I think that's it.

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