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Found that Distance View is working well when playing solo, but disabled in multiplayer and in coop campaign. It is really annoying, because planets and distant objects cause a lot of fps drop.

Is disabling Distance View in multiplayer a feature ? If not, could you please make it works as intended ? I would rather fight in the void of space with stable fps.

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I used to play with View Distance on to remove the planet and most of the background. But it does not work anymore. Is it a bug ?

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I am playing with all graphical settings on Epic, except for shadows on Low. The game runs at 60 fps. When looking at planets in the background, fps drop to 45. If I set the view distance near 80%, the planet disappear and fps get back to 60.

Devs, it seems you can really improve the performances of the game by making the planet less ressources consuming.

Players, if you want to gain fps or having a lot more visibility on the battlefield, lower the view distance. Setting it to 0 will remove the background, letting you fight in the empty void of space.

EDIT : setting the view distance to 0 will remove the lance firing effects ! So if you just want to remove the background items, setting it at 10% seems good.

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One more reason I would not play the game without capture points : deployment became a very important strategical decision.

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I would love it. Having ships keeping formation would add some tactical depth and remove some micro-management. We could set up formation to defend against boarding and ramming, or at the opposite formations that protected our big ships while they close the range to the ennemy.

It could be a simple hotkey, like hold Alt and right click so the ships selected move to the spot without breaking formation, the fastest ones matching the speed of the slowest ones.

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Another crash but in the Ship Viewer this time...

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As far as I observed, for now if you select 2 ships and order them to follow another one, the 2 selected ships won't follow the other. Here is an example :

I select ES#1 and ES#2. I right click on one BS. ES#1 which is closer to BS will follow it, and ES#2 will follow ES#1.

That kind of behavior is well suited when you want to set up a line formation with ship broadside not obstructing each other. But it won't do the job if you want your Escorts just escorting by covering another big ship from the flanks or from behind.

Is it possible to add a feature that makes multiple ships following another in a rank formation just behind it ?

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Can we counter that boarding meta by using more Escorts ? Escorting our big ships can add some defence turrets to fire at the incoming boarding shuttles. Also as boarding gets a cooldown, it is not the more efficient way to destroy small ships.

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The game freeze when hitting the Create Custom Fleet button. It gets stuck on the Fleet Selection screen and after a few minutes the music stop playing. All I can do is to manually reboot my computer. The task manager does not appear by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Sup and Alt+Tab in borderless window mode does not work either.

This crash occurred twice in two days.

My config :
GTX 960
i7 6700
8 Go RAM

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