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Regarding teamwork, we wont find the masses running to work together. It has been tried again and again but never happens!

We still dont have a server browser and dedicated or rented servers yet, which is where I think the teamwork will happen and these ideas can be tried out. Personally I am happy to slug it out in chaotic teams (or organised chaos?) in the versus mode for the moment and wait for good teamwork servers to appear.

However I have seen many of the same players appearing and with a good attitude and some tit for tat here and there micro teamwork as I call it has been happening. Without sounding too much like an ideologist I guess the teamwork is up to the players that care the most and have the highest tolerance!

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I'm not so sure about this, each team should have a mix of high and low risk players and tasks, each judged and given points based on objective and progression achieved in the game, then kill score added on as a bit of a score tweak. As far as I am aware the game seems to do this ok.

All deducting score will do is make people rage when others don't care or don't know. Perhaps this is an idea for a custom game mode or hardcore mode later on?

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Well... is it just me or are the maps simply smaller? I wouldn't say the move speed is too fast, maybe a slight reduction could give you what you desire. I still find myself able to hit someone dashing between cover so I'm not sure.

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Interesting observation indeed, I will need to keep an eye on the sounds played during my ping spikes. On top of my consistently unexplained high ping 😕

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I have to agree, I mean the bots on normal insurgency were too easy but these bots feel like I am playing against the hardest Angry Bots server where I have 100% aggro. Perhaps reduce their long range accuracy a bit and increase their reaction times at close range a tiny tiny bit? This will force the spray and pray breachers to use nades (assuming the smoke and flashbangs now affect bots?) rather than just prefiring every corner and restocking at each objective.

I have been sniped by smgs and instantly zeroed by aks at crazy crazy ranges. For example this happens often on Summit during COOP. As security after taking B I like to sit with a marksman on top on the large rocks on security side of the road and overwatch on C. The insurgents like to run past a corrugated iron fence/wall past C and I try to pick them off. Its here they stop and consistently snipe me when I am prone and back away from the edge of the rock as far as i can without my bullets clipping into the ground.

That being said please dont make the bots much easier! I love having to work together with a team over and over again to eventually make it, its very rewarding.

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Yesterday evening I did find a bug where any radio transmissions (not voice comms) were replaced by only a radio ending noise. Whenever this happened I did find a ping spike of 50 or so, simply restarting fixed it. Perhaps this is a related issue?

I wonder if there is a log we can get access to that might shed light on this that isn't just the console?

Perhaps I was spamming for an observer too much... one commander and 3 observers in the game and they always seem to run for the hills haha

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@AMURKA Wow, so aggressive. Careful otherwise you might end up in a shouting match in another topic...

I will try what you suggest with the M16a3 thats an interesting idea.

Personally I cannot weigh in on if bolt action rifles are still commonly in use or not but I do think that real life applications and engagement distances are mirrored in this game so its a balancing act/issue I guess. As for the maps, once workshop gets up and running and more maps are added we may find definite long range duck shoot maps or whatnot.

By the sound of that you are saying I am guessing (don't shoot me if I am wrong, but I am guessing you may) you are an aggressive rifleman who uses a 2x at least so I can see why you would find the marksman class quite at odds to your play style.

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So far, I have played quite a large proportion of my games as the marksman class. So far I have not had very many 2 shots with the bolt action rifles, it seems like most of them I have had are because I hit heavy armour centre mass. I have very often hit players in the arms/weapon pointing round a corner and scored a good kill, even with the SVD.

I do have to say the M14 EBR is a different matter entirely, it seems to take 2 or even 3 hits to take someone down with any armour on entirely. Even when I get down to 2x scope distance I will still take a greased, long barrel boltie over the M14.

I dont know much irl physics about guns but I take it the M14 is a far shorter range weapon than the SVD due to its smaller round?

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Post up in the beta tech support forums, I should have earlier for my post!

Add a system component breakdown, ping range and maybe your average values shown in the connection debug at the top of the screen in game once you enable it in the options. That could help give people an idea of your issues.

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Mods can we just lock this topic please? I think we have all had enough and it can only go more sour from here.

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