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So I basically just use the Heavy weapons on this game (good stagger, plus damage) but I've been frustrated since the beginning since the entire Impact and attack speed system makes it more beneficial from the beginning to run light weapons with Heavy Armor (to increase Impact) and Heavy weapons with light armor (to increase stamina stuff and attack speed) with little benefits to heavy weapons stacked with heavy armor (no impact bonus, and stamina is then terrible)

To be honest, for the next one, I wish there were more benefits for running heavy armor with heavy weapons... or even a "bastard" class of heavy weapon that has less impact, but higher attack speed, while classified as a Heavy weapon... that would get more of a bonus from heavy armors...

Also heavy dual wield weapons would be cool... Twinblade from Fable for reference, but with excellent multi-directional attacks and slow lunges.

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quit doing it after a few runs of looking at every "new" item in my inventory and carefully backing in and out of the foundry (how many names can I give it lol) probably just too much things happening in the inventory... Also, had the Secret assassin armor drop as a XIX leg piece when I'm on my first playthrough.

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Seems if I take it Slow I'm fine... but as soon as I do an action it'll freeze in either Inventory or Gearbox thing and boot me completely off and shutdown my Xbox.

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Currently playing the new DLC and keep getting booted completely off and turning off my One X, usually after opening my Inventory, and last time while opening my fabricator thing whose name Ive forgotten lol. I'll keep playing with it and break my stuff down to see if I can find the culprit.

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@lord-mirishiki Similar to my Crash: something in the inventory is doing it, I believe... About to post a separate note tho since yours is the Med bay.

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Still happening now, I guess... not good at all, hard too keep track of this map anyway without worry about the 12 lifts in and out

If it’s any help, it seems like the zone isn’t even loaded, I see black looking down at it

To clarify, I was trying to go back, because I was trying to go the wrong way, but instead went the right way, and tried to use the one lift right near that one overload in the gas tunnels

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