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Hi guys!

I just registered to say a few things on this game, my version of the good the bad and the ugly. I imagine at this point you've already got the game quite a long way into development, but I still want to lend a few thoughts from a consumer perspective.

First of all, I really enjoyed the first game. It nails the 40k universe in terms of theme, storyline and artwork. I think the game was technically quite diverse for what it was, and fun to boot. The races played as you'd expect, and the customization options were pretty good.

But the bad: The main problem with this game was the actual technical stability of the program. Ive installed it on multiple machines, some quite old and at the lower end of the specs list, and some far exceeding the recommended specs, and in all cases the load times are unpleasantly long. For slower machines, the load screen sometimes lasts for 5-10 minutes. Looking at other forums, I am NOT the only one who experiences this. Then there is the lobby and multiplayer options. There should really be a way to create a group of friends and choose who to play against, or indeed just to pick your friend as an opponent. Basically to cut a long story short, this games multiplayer could be really good fun, but the constraints of the multiplayer system really hold it back.

TLDR: The game's premise is great. The game itself MUST work better across systems and really needs a simplification of the game menus. We want to fight across the galaxy, not be lost in the warp of menu screens and load times!