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Not sure if this is a bug or just not intentional. After completing a mission regarding the tyranids and subsequently getting 3 new fleets spawned in as a reward one of them spawned in a not yet reachable or visible sector on the campaign map (it tried to spawn in the Nemesis Tessera sector but i had 3 fleets there already and instead spawned in the Belial sector). Now the fleet is stuck there as not even the inter system connections are active yet. I attached screenshots depicting the fleet in the Belial sector and the lack of the sector connection to Nemesis Tessera or even the lack of existence of the Belial sector. The other two connections to Nemesis Tessera are Medusa and Belis Corona). 0_1549703238212_20190209100030_1.jpg 0_1549703634150_20190209101343_1.jpg

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