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Even though this comes pretty late after the December beta test I decided to go ahead and make this post because I feel these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. This does not concern specific balance issues as tweaking the numbers on those should come naturally as more people invest more time into the game, but some changes I personally feel should be made for the game to do well as a competitive multiplayer experience.

  1. The most serious problem is not being able to see your opponent's pick before selecting/making your fleet line-up. Going into matches blind will lead to frustrating experiences by adding an unnecessary RNG mechanic to rank play and make your ranked multiplayer portion of the game lose credibility.

  2. The second problem I see is that some weapons feel underwhelming (e.g. torpedoes) vs others that when amassed leave little to no room for counter play (e.g. nova cannons or the star pulse). This problem is only exacerbated by the first (and most important) issue raised here.

  3. Lack of any depth for some factions (e.g. Necrons). This, sadly, will be more of a problem if you solve point one (or maybe that's why you opted so that you can't see your opponent's choice before selecting your fleet), since if your race is a one trick pony it will either be overpowered or underperforming with people knowing how to counter it's specific play style.
    Still I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to make it so you are able to build a fleet after seeing your opponent's faction pick (and maybe sub-faction if it becomes meaningful) if you want to have any sort of serious ranked multiplayer scene.

  4. Even if the grind is trivial please leave all the skills unlocked for multiplayer play. There is no joy in grinding an unoptimized fleet while competing with other players for no reason at all.

  5. It's nice how you added all the sub-factions but I wish there was more of a meaningful difference between the skill sets they offer. I am mentioning this even though I think you plan on adding on this in the future (otherwise why add it at all?) but still it feels a bit of an empty system.

  6. The game should have a replay system. Not only is this important for those who seek to better themselves but it's a nice tool for your youtube content creators out there.