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The mean looking cultist finishes charging BFG25000
Aww yeah, it's on now!
pew-pew-pew-pew-pew 😄

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I have yet to see a point against bi-towards-the-player (which is slightly different than just being bi) that isn't immersion-breaking. At its essence, the point of the feature is that you get to be the hero who rides off into the sunset having saved the world with your chosen lover at your side. Romanceable characters are just a prop to complete the fantasy--but it doesn't work that way if they're selectively unavailable for a few arbitrary reasons, but not for others.

I'm all up for game devs providing fanservice / virtuesignalling with companions. Everybody's bi/playersexual has been done in plenty of games, just off the top of my head, Fable, Dragon Age 2, Dragon's Dogma, I'm sure there's more. Sure it is as you say immersion-breaking but also a power fantasy about you the hero saving the world.
Hopefully though, they can write some companions that are more than "This tired trope. Oh, and also he's of this sexuality" the character.
BBF. The healer woman trope. The witch who snarks on you all the time, aka Morrigan from Dragon Age trope. The funny skeletor gentleman. And some other characters so boring they're not even worth mentioning.
That's a whole one character that has interesting dialogue lines that you go through because they're interesting, not spacebar through them in hopes he hands out a companion quest. In the whole game. Meh.
Technomancer. The rogue trope. The butch shield tank trope. The disabled gay man, no other personality traits. The big orc man, no other personality traits. Nobody interesting to talk to in your camp. Spacebar, spacebar, spacebar. No quest this time, ok bye.
To be fair Spiders are improving from game to game, and they had more dev time on Greedfall, so there's some hope for companions yet, regardless which way they swing.

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I love the huge improvements in level design, no more BBF's corridors inhabited by angry skeletors.

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As far as I can tell from limited information, closed presentation at What's Next 2019 and unspecified 2019 release date.

A few months ahead of release, Spiders showcase their brand-new RPG in a never-before-seen GreedFall gameplay presentation. A true invitation to travel and explore, GreedFall promises great freedom to players and a captivating story.
alt text

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The Surge series is going for a more near-future industrial feel and style. Something you could relate with on a level of yeah this could happen in like 10 years without aliens gettting involved. You're thinking of something more like Immortal Unchained. alt text

Or the upcoming Hellpoint alt text

The Surge does its own thing with dudes wearing exoskeletons clobbering each other with industrial work tools, I very dig that direction, it's a very unique setting.

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Yes, I remember in one of the interviews the game director mentioned this although screenshots of char editor have not been presented yet to my knowledge.
"You can create the look of your character, so hair, skin color, gender, whatever. There’s also a layer of clothing you can change."

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Some Korean tab-target MMOs figured this out years ago by soft locking the closest enemy vaguely in the direction player was looking, like Blade & Soul.
Youtube Video

I'd love if souls-like games started moving away from target lock crutch, games like Vindictus and TERA didn't have it, but I also realistically understand that:
a. Souls-likes are expected to include the established tropes, bonfire infinite enemy respawns, souls recovery on death, enemies getting way cooler movesets than the player - they get to do the awesome windmill shredding combo series while player has to roll away, wait for stamina to recharge and get a couple pokes inbetween windmills, etc.
and b. PC market is too small market so it's expected to be crossplatform and gamepads don't have easy way to aim fast.

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I hope there's more attention to the bonus challenges in S2. S1 had this for every boss fight: you can get this sweet upgraded weapon, but only if you fulfill this thing that we won't tell you about. What's that, you missed it? Awwwwww, too bad, this robot boss won't respawn ever again, better luck NG+! This leads to backing up saves, looking up bonus objectives on google and making already not the most exciting fight sequence even more of a railroaded my way or highway kind of a thing.

Another thing that aggravated me to no end in S1, and often in souls-likes in general, is when enemies don't abide by the same limits the player has to, most notably for stamina. I can understand why robots don't have stamina. Zombies, sure. Nanite creatures, of course. But when by the mid-game a run of the mill humanoid enemy starts their twirly staff dance routine while Warren circles around waiting for stamina bar to fill, that's just... unsatisfactory.

Small nitpicks aside, I'm glad D13 is improving some of the budget stuff like your custom character in place of the very bland uncle Warren person, that said hopefully it's also cautious on the don't fix what ain't broke department. Like industrial setting. Sure, it had its issues, it definitely could have used a few kilometers less of technical corridors! But the very generic looking forest from trailer is not an improvement in my book. Also, is it just me or the combat speed seems to have gone up? It already felt a little too fast in places in S1 for people fighting in heavy metal exoskeletons (I'm looking at you, Warren's sprint slide attack). Feels like doubling down going the wrong way instead of slower swings with more impact. Of course we didn't see that much in a short trailer but felt like Pacific Rim Uprising vs Pacific Rim 1, not a great feeling.

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@nickclark89 said in New Information about Faction & Companion + My opinion:

maybe this means I can roleplay as atheist mage/magic user???

Only 1 of 6 factions from the new reveals from E3 seems to be religious. Besides the religious faction there's also merchants, scientists, mercenaries, sailors and nature hippies, quite the selection.

  • The Congregation of Merchants: A trading Nation ruled by prince merchants. They use their vast riches to gather power and increase their wealth.
  • The Bridge Alliance: Always seeking to learn more about the world and those around them, this nation believes science can explain everything and knowledge is power.
  • The Coin Guard: The main guild of mercenaries on the old continent. Military companies, bodyguards, paid assassins, combat instructors… they are hired by all the nations and important persons for their combat skills.
  • Thélème: A nation where magic users represent both religious and political power. Their mission is to preach the good word and convert the Islanders to their monotheist religion.
  • The Nauts: The only guild of navigators that can cross the high sea. They prosper thanks to their travels, helping other factions to cross the waves.
  • Islanders/Teer Fradean (Yecht Fradí in native language): They are native to the island of Teer Fradee. They are not a united faction, but all of them live in harmony with Nature, which they consider sacred. Some of them seem to have an even deeper, physical link to their environment, able to use elemental magic or to call for creatures. With colonization of the island underway, they must choose to be friend or foe to the new arrivals.

I'm pretty sure denouncing Theleme beliefs and pissing that faction off will be an option 🙂