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This game... so much potential. Im going to say it flat out, the games optimization got worse and from just one game i experienced terrible freezing when jumping out of the helicopter so you guys still haven't fixed that big issue that i see happening with almost every twitch streamer yet you add a bunch of effects with the shooting of guns and better effects when getting hit by wolves yet the optimization still isn't there where is your logic there vostok? your supposed to fix the key things first this game is in no state to start the polishing process. With these effects being added its added a lot more lag and im playing with low settings and low resolution yet i can play Hunt Showdown which is a game with a lot more detail in graphics and hard on specs way more than this game. Getting into combat causes a lot of lag making it really hard to use skill in a fight. Then there are the bugs, when reloading it took like 4 reloads and then finally it was loaded, when trying to use consumables it would just pull out my gun again instead of using the consumable and when i finally got it to work i finished the animation and didn't receive the buffs... meanwhile im slowly bleeding out and BTW this resulted in my death, thanks. You guys have a lot more to fix and i think adding visual effects only made optimization worse. PLEASE do not listen to the other reviews of people acting like the game is working and asking for game modes and more content this game is not at that stage yet and the optimization issues should have been handled with first before the visual effects and such. If you guys don't want to end up where h1z1 is at or where pubg is going i suggest you fix the stuttering issues and freezing so people can actual enjoy the game. When people look at this game they see all your issues they don't see the potential like some people, you guys have a lot of potential but nobody can experience that potential when they are so busy lagging and freezing.