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I already posted this on the Steam Store Discussions page, but I am posting this here again, so hopefully this gets noted by a dev or moderator:

I just bought the game and try to get into its controls. So I thought, before I ruin other (human) players' experience I use the Local Play mode to learn the ropes. It's more or less the coop mode with bots in both teams. This works quite ok to learn the basic things, but it has one design flaw:

If I (as only human player) die during a defend phase the round is 100% lost for my team as the remaining bots in my team don't seem to be able to defend the checkpoint on their own and until I respawn and have run back to the checkpoint, the enemy team has already broken the defense and have won the round. So I don't have a chance to get back in the fight fast enough. I currently try to keep my head down during defense phases, but that doesn't really help as the bots of my team don't seem to be able to defend the checkpoint on their own.

I know, the solution for this problem is obvious: Don't die. 🙂 But I think it's a bit unbalanced if a single death always leads to the loss of a round.

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