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Horus is glad he's dead so he doesn't need to listen to them 🤣

I guess it's only a minor thing but to me that consistency is so important to letting me lose myself in the game. Ah well, probably why the Emperor decided to stick with just that for a name, hard to get it wrong!

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Exactly, it just doesn't make sense to me that these companies don't have somebody saying "ok this is the way we say these words".

I was so excited to see the classic Horus/Sanguinius/Emperor artwork, fanboy mode over 9000 and then they said Lupercal and I literally was thrown out of it to say 'wtf'?!?

Too late for them to do anything about it but I'd hope future GW works are consistent.

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True but I guess my feeling is they (GW and anyone leveraging their IP) should at least try to pronounce them the same in all their material. I can accept a word being said in a way that doesn't feel right to me personally as long as they stick with that pronunciation. That's probably the bigger thing for me, the lack of consistency with established works.

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I just started playing the beat and loaded the campaign - much joy and excitement. However I was surprised to hear how the voice actor pronounces 'Lupercal', especially as I'm re-listening to the Horus Heresy series.

One would expect there to be standardisation of pronunciation across GW works, especially for 'main characters'.

Horus Lupercal - OK I know some people would pronounce the forename in two different ways and I don't mind but the surname was just a wtf for me. I can't not hear the name said as 'looper'cal' so hearing it said the way it was in the cutscene was really weird.

I feel similar with Leman Russ, I always said the surname as Russ not Roose and typically that was how it was pronounced in the audiobooks.

I'm not expecting they will change this but it seems so strange to have the Horus Heresy audiobooks essentially defining the way a name is said and then other mediums not conforming. I'm not trying to imply I know how things should be said and perhaps this is the correct pronunciation and somebody told them 'hey team we got it wrong on those 50+ audiobooks' - even if that is the case just stick to what you've defined.

I'm really curious to know if anyone else noticed this or is it just me who was surprised at the way they said it?

I tried to do a search but didn't see anything so maybe my search skills need an archmagos to tweak and improve them.

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