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So in BFG:A 2 you select all of you Fleet Setup, Skills and Upgrades before you get matched.

This was different in BFG:A 1, where you got a loading screen, saw your enemy's Faction and then selected a Fleet/Ships
This added another Tactical Layer to the game, you could try to counter the enemy and vice versa.

I really liked the System in BFG:A 1 better.

Especially when you for example Play with some Morale Damage skills and get matched against SM you basicaly choose one or several useless skills/Upgrades.

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Hello, i couldn't find any similar Bug report on the Forums (sorry if this was already talked About).

If you click on a detected ship (red dot) you can actually not only choose the Priority (1-4) but can see which Modules the ship has or hasn't.

For Example if i Target a Ship and i can choose between Deck, Engine and Weapons but the Generator is greyed out, i know it's a Necron ship.
Same if i can't choose any Modules i know it's a Escort Ship.

This makes the Start of a Match a bit stupid, because if you know you have IN and Necron as Enemy you can actually see where some ships are going.
And especially when you Play with the Tarot(the skill that marks and reveals one ship for a certain amount of time) Skills from IN or SM ist way easier for the Player using that skill too choose a ship that is probably the ship he wants to reveal.

Choosing the Priority and Modules should still be a Option against detected enemies, because you know which Factions you Play against and then you could at least pre select some modules.(But every module should be selectable)
And if a ship is identified and the selected module is not available for that ship it should jump to random again.

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Lorewise i really can't saz much,

but i agree with OP, especially on Eldar, which are already one of the most mobile factions it is kinda unbalanced.

My Suggestion would be something like, give it a Maxrange or let the ship doing it just jump in ist own Identification Range.

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I get random crashes every now and then. I never had them in the First Beta and since the second Beta they occur sporadically (sometimes i can play 3, 4 Matches in MP and sometimes it even crashes in the first match after starting the game). The crashes also occur in Singleplayer Campaign and Skirmish against bots.

I also tried to lower the graphic settings to a absurd low level(even with super low resolutions) and they still occur.

I hoped it may got fixed with release version but i still have those crashes.

0_1548362675601_BFG A 2 Crash

Edit: I hope its ok when i post both crashes in this one Thread, not sure if they are related but here is another crash with different error:
0_1548363865163_BFG A 2 Crash report No.

Edit No. 2: I reinstalled DirectX and NetFramework. Completly clean installed my Graphic Drivers.
Still not resolved. It even seems to be worse than Beta 2, i cant finish a single game(just testing Skirmish vs. AI)
In Beta 2 i could sometimes play 2-3 Matches. The issue also just appear INGAME, not in the menu it seems.

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@karaya-1 I'm pretty sure it works(at least at the BS)

You know it only affects the Flagship.

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@tiffman Well for me personally a good balanced game would be enough to keep me engaged for a couple of weeks/months.

I personally disagree with 3v3, not sure why so many wanna have that but well, i guess especially with that kind of feature together with "more ships" its even more important that the game is somewhat balanced.

Replay system is a great tool for making nice Videos and even improving/learning, especially when you wanna play ranked and wanna get very high skilled.

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@karaya-1 well now when you are mentioning it, this could actually already happening to me without really noticing. I most of the times thought that i didn't had enough awareness, but if icons for some Ships(especially assault boats) start to disappear. (And i just play with permanently displayed icons, when you double tap alt)

I mainly play Necrons and have lot of tools to my disposal counter assault boats, but if im not even aware of a bunch of assault boats coming to board my ships i cant even react.

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@aram_thehead Ah ok, good to know, than the Tooltip is just bugged as mentioned in the post you mentioned.

I got kinda used to it the way the necron Inertialess Drive works, its tricky but it has alot of "skillcap" to it, to know when and where to use it and how to position your ships.

Thanks for the info on that

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@dreadspectre Yep, losing ships in like 10-20 seconds on first contact with the enemy is way to fast.

What also could help is reducing troop damage of boarding OVERALL and maybe increase the available charges from assault actions (more assault boat, lighting strike and boarding charges).

Then you could at least react to an enemy starting to board you.

I lost some of my ships in such a small time frame, i felt like i couldn't even react properly.

I have some ideas for Necrons, not sure what you could do for other factions in regard of Troop replenishment.

I play main Necrons and due to their lack of shields for example SM just destroy me very often with lighting strikes. Necron could also get some sort of better troop replenishment (huge buff to resurrection orb , it just gives 1 troop for all ships on a 180 sec cooldown) or give Necrons multiple charges with lower cooldown ob Enrammic Regeneration (Counter Part to Call to Arms).
Or let Necrons get X troops every Y seconds while Hull Cauterization Stance is active.
Or let Necron replenish 2-3 Troops after the 60 sec repair delay(they repair light critical damage after 60 seconds.

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@vectorstrike Hm, i don't played any TT and i am not super familar with Tau Lore.

But i really do like the general theme/faction mechanics of the Tau. I just don't wanna have to control 1-2 dozen of ships. It's just unnecessarily stressful for me personally.

Maybe if they bring the slow time mechanic from first game into the game again.(Like every player in the match can slow down time for X seconds). Now when i think of it, that is some Feedback i forgot to put in there (i will put it in the Main post)