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@sawcoach said in Co-Op and General Game Feedback:

The coming patch release will probably give you all what you want. The community servers, if like the previous INS, will allow customization of player & BOT count. I know I will be adding a server with less player numbers & more bots if possible 🙂

Turns out you were right - I'm absolutely loving the latest patch! Thanks for the discussion guys!

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Just wanted to say the latest update is amazing. It fixed so many of the issues I had with the product, both technologically and game play wise. My FPS has doubled, my load times are three times as fast, and the AI is actually challenging now. Prior to this update I wasn't sure how I felt about the game, but I've just gone out and bought a few copies for my friends to play with me. Keep it up.

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I'd love to see more voice options and other ways to personalize a character. When it comes to reloads, the only thing weapons that have stood out to me are the PKM and SAW. The majority of the weapons are just about where I'd expect them. People need to realize that reloading after you've just sprinted 100 yards gosling your full kit around takes a lot longer then when you're at a civilian range. Not to mention that in the game your character keeps the magazines for later, they don't drop them on the ground. That means you need to take a magazine out, put the old one in, then load the full mag, all in your dusty heavy kit while bullets whiz past your head. Maybe a compromise could be making reloading slightly faster for those with lighter kits equipped?

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I've logged 30 hours over the past two weeks and here are a few things that stuck out to me the most (that I don't see posted here too often)

  1. AI needs to be able to use windows. The maps seem designed with them and other obstacles in mind, but the AI pathing is incredibly predictable and boring. Having AI enemies vaulting boxes or flanking through windows would make the game a lot more fun. In general giving them more pathing options around objectives would be great.

  2. AI need to use grenades and other non-primary weapons more often. I'm not really sure how AI choose what weapons to use (primary vs. secondary vs. rpg/grenade) but I rarely see them using anything but their rifle. If the enemy AI used more smokes and incendiaries it would really change things up. I also really love the chemical mortars and suicide bombers and would like to see more of that if possible.

  3. Why is there so much emphasis on cosmetics right now, and why do they cost so much? I'm barely able to afford anything at 30 hours played. I literally don't care that tattoos are coming in an upcoming patch.

  4. Co-Op vs. AI needs to have it's player cap reduced or the amount of AI scaled. A full server is ridiculously easy.

  5. Where are all of the maps? I've been told by other players you're holding back until release, but why? Don't you want us to test them? I really hope there's a lot of variety when the game is released 'cause I'm pretty sick of the current rotation.

  6. More player controls on the server. Kick, mute, stuff like that would go a long way.

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