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What you see is the effect of some kind of puppies protection for the levels till approx 40/50 and the overreacting so called elite bots targeting for the higher levels. Even winning a game isn't fun anymore, because you never know if you won because you're skilled or the system just decided to let you win. It's the poor man's approach to AI.

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Naaah… lost optimism in this regard.
Stopped playing.
Probably will have a look again on this after next update.

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What do we have now?

Some kind of dynamic difficulty adaption together with obvious level sensitive bots and minidrones.
(Some) Bots that have total reaction times of less than 100ms.
A more ore less broken bot mechanics that results in a systematic disadvantage for the player avatar (delaytimes of approx. 1.5s for the avatar, however, bots can do what ever they want in this timeframe).
Phone bots which are spawned very close to the action for less than minimal prewarning time and... lots of them.
High precision mollys/nades without LOS towards the avatar. And alot of other strange things.

Sorry guys, but this is not a difficulty level management. This is simply game manipulation at it's worst.

The activity of AI bots must be plausible anytime and under all circumstances. That's a common and very basic rule in AI programming. This rule is completely broken. Result: bs moments, dissatisfaction and endless discussions.

Also the defenders of the actual situation should be possibly even more satisfied with regular, humanlike acting and challenging bots that could beat the hell out of human players. Without the feeling beeing fooled by devs using "lame trick" programming.

So... why not make quality bots that deserve the name Artificial Intelligence which is helping all gamers. Such bots could be an unique selling point for this game.

The bots actually are just a quality issue in this game.

Will it stay at the current level? That would be a pity. Playing becomes a waste of time...

lvl 90+, 400h+

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Am I the only one who sees this? Will it be adressed in the next update? 😉

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The workaround for the engine.ini


Put in the gamma value as you like it.

Hope they fix it with the next patch. The bug exists since a half eternity….

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Yep, I turned it off. Not because of intolerance regarding the gore. As it's now it's just ridiculous.

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It takes up to approx. 10 sec. before they are loaded completely.

The medium (and higher) res textures load in less than a second but add some significant noise to the frametimes which results in some kind of micro stuttering.

A bug?

0_1546610551193_med_low_res_textures 2019-01-04.jpg

Processor Intel i7 5820k at 4.2 GHz
Board ASUS X99 deluxe
Memory G-Skill 4x 8Gb @ 2133 MHz
Graphics ASUS Strix OC 980 @SLI
Storage Samsung SSDs 850 pro
Monitor Benq UHD @60Hz

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It's logical. You find an enemy ammo crate and use the things from this crate.

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A +1 for visible laser beams in smoke, dust, mist and so on. 😀

And now I'm going to find the incredible realism in this game... seems I missed something during the last several hundred hours of playing... 😂

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It's always the same and annoying.The developers of such games typically doesn't learn from the past. Whenever such a game enters the public the probability that griefers, toxics and cheaters will flood the game is 100%. Everybody knows it from the beginning. Despite the knowledge security management is not implemented beginning with the first line of code. But after a while it's neccessary to implement "something" to "repair" the situation. It's like building a palace on the base of a wooden hut. Good luck.

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