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CPU: i7 5820k @4.4GHz//GPU: RTX 2080 OC Dual//Board: X99 Deluxe (3902)//Memory: 32GB @2400MHz//Cooling: NH-C14S
Storage: SSDs 850 pro//Monitor: BL UHD//Audio: PC 360 G4ME, USB//OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit//Nv430.86

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Thanks for your effort, but you just try to teach a fish how to dive. πŸ˜‰

I don't deal with trolls. I observe and report them.

However, I've no idea if is working on this subject. No reply so far.

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At least new to me (*). So far, I had nothing to do with something like this.

It essentially consists of two elements - deliberate team killing and kick voting.

Typically one is confronted with a group of three, usually four players.

These players act in the beginning completely normal and game compliant.

After a while and mostly at the last point of the map everyone in this group starts another teamkill. Since there is only one team kill for each one, the damage reflection mechanism does not work.

If that is not enough to scare the other players and leave the server, a kick voting will be launched, which can hardly be averted - and they know that. Often the reason given is "afk", although it is a very active player.

I can only speculate about the reasons for this behavior.
In the two cases in which I personally was concerned, it was about:

  • we want to have the server for ourselves
  • we want to be LOS
  • nationalist reasons
  • just take the others fun

NWI. Take care of that.

Edit: (*) this game

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@MarksmanMax said in The Current Bot AI - Bugs, Suggestions & Tactics [Currently Updating To 1.13.1]:

@Abekrie said in The Current Bot AI - Bugs, Suggestions & Tactics [Currently Updating To 1.13.1]:

The part where bots kill you in one shot, despite not being to the head and with a "low damage" gun, is something I've had happen to me many times. Quite a few instances where they'd snap and one-shot me even when they should be at a disadvantage.

I've recently got a few more clips showing this exact bug, and I'm working on a second video montage with clips recorded after the 1.3 update and the hotfix.

Happens regularly to me in close combat situations. The bots are shooting into the avatar's lower leg/foot and this hit has the same result as a headshot.

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Yep, the molotovs are reduced, but substituted by frags. Guided frags are less obvious compared to molotovs because they are invisible und not audible most of the time and have an increased effective radius in comparison. And the "lower as 100ms" bots have doubled or even tripled.

In the moment there is a good possibility to study bot behaviour because of the free weekend. Alot of "zeros" and a few high levels on the servers and it's funny - or not so funny - to see how the higher levels are tracked and attacked without a line of visibility just by their movement vector. At the same time you can see how low levels are intentionally missed and ignored over a long period of time. So, have "fun".

For me personally this "A.I." represents an absolute low point in the development of the last decade.

Pure fake A.I.

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Please provide at the earliest possible time a set of variables / interfaces to influence bot A.I. and behaviour so we could do at least something meaningful in this regard on custom servers. I'm more or less finished with the official so-called A.I.

Edit: I'm absolutely finished with this "A.I.". It's pure nonsense. The worst setup I've ever seen in 20 years of fps gaming.

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I've had the opportunity to analyze such an infamous "out-of-nowhere-first-shot-kill" using the history/replay function.

Marksman/Mosin bot started to track my avatar in a distance of approx 70-80m. No line of visibility. Bot brought itself in position and shot in my general direction approx. 60m away without aiming animation - and still no visibility from both sides due to foliage and ground.


The worst thing: there was absolutely no detectable time delay between triggering the shot resp. muzzle flash and hitting the avatar.
Bullets on light speed. Nice.
The trajectory of the bullet even had to go partly (but not much) through the ground.
The bot's aming animation started after the shot. Funny.

By the way... another player which was the whole time at half the distance between my avatar and the bot got completely ingnored. Make a guess of our levels... πŸ˜‡ Coincidence?Yeah, I know, this correlation is officially denied, but... this happens too often. πŸ€”

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@MarksmanMax said in Bot AI:

@SorinN said in Bot AI:

hey must raise AI level for Coop at least at the level of Arma 2 (which is an old game but way better bots there ..) and they should fix that LongDistanceInstaHipHeadshot or at least that abnormal 90 / 180 degree -non-inertial-turn- which has nothing to do with reality

I mean, the hardcore AI's actually pretty good if you ignore the major flaws that are currently in-game lmao.

How can something be pretty good when it has major flaws? Just to mark it... πŸ˜‰

The bot A.I. is absolutely underwhelming in a lot of aspects - otherwise there wouldn't be this amount of threads complaining about it.

It could help alot if they would consider to do a plausibility check for the bot behaviour and capabilities to get rid of the biggest flaws.

Anyway, I think we are talking against a wall.

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@planetcanada said in Update 1.3 now live on the Community Test Environment!:

Another Co-op mode? Brutal and β€œspecial enemies with unique abilities like the athletic Jumper, the hulking Bruiser and the explosive Flamer.” Really?? How very sad what has become of you Insurgency! I’ll pour one out for ya tonight...

Yeah... someone will play this... for sure not me, however, everyone's tastes are different.

Damn, the only thing I want is an exciting infantry game, offering a coop mode with humanlike acting, smart and challenging bots in a similar environment. πŸ™ƒ
Not more, not less. Impossible? No, I know it's possible.


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Checked the "low switch" after 1.2 and the hot fixes.

The effect is gone. It's less than 2% of the graphics load now - insignificant.
Good news...

Stuttering and fps loss by getting close to other avatars / bots seems to be history, too.

Still there:

Damaged ceiling ventilators and the burning MG truck still consume 15% graphics load each on a 2080.

Alot of power for a little bit of smoke...

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From my point of view the official CoOp modes are suboptimal designed and unsatisfactory regarding game logic and plausibility. They even earn the golden raspberry award in this regard.

So... the way out could be an own server, however, this only makes sense if the questionable paramaters can be influenced.

Where can I read something about this?

The core of the game is promising but what's going on currently is just not worth the play time.

I've found snippets like this one but I can't imagine that this is all what's available...