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A correction on the Caestus Assault Ram lore: It has been in service in substantial numbers since the Great Crusade, not since M39.

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I have a max level Space Marines fleet, and my experience is as follows: With the first ships, abuse the crap out of bombardement cannons. Team up on one ship at a time, board it from all sides, go for shields, engine and weapons, then rince and repeat with the next one. Keep doing this with the next class, the attack cruiser. When you get the battle barges, just take the version with bombardement cannons, upgrade shields, take additional belt armour and more booster power...and start boarding and shooting the crap out of any enemy that you lay your eyes on. Honestly, these things wreak havoc on any AI fleet.

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@romeo said in So, how was 'what's next de focus"?:

@kadaeux said in [So, how was 'what's next de focus"?]> Oh, DC, Soulstorm, BFG:A AND total War aren't really grand strategies 😛

Looks at the Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis and Stellaris

... ok, maybe Paradox has tainted my definition of it a bit.

I haven't played the first two, but Stellaris is a 4X, isn't it? But Total Warhammer is absolutely a Grand Strategy.

No, TW is NOT a grand strategy title. Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy, Hearts of Iron 3 is (with HoI4 being the filthy casual version) THE WW2 grand strategy game. At least as far as I know Grand Strategy as a genre or at least as a definition was pretty much invented by Paradox. TW is a crossover between turn-based strategy and real time tactic. It focuses completely on combat, especially in the newer installment, while grand strategy includes economics, politics, diplomatics, sometimes espionage and of course also warfare. Some titles are more into the warfare part of course (HoI series for example).

@MataCucasRAID could you please stop derailing this thread? You were offtopic from the start and then went on to insult pretty much anybody who tried to reason with you. So if you don't want to get banned after getting told to shut up twice by the Community Manager, I would start to behave like a grown up if I were you.

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Alright, it sounded like something I knew, but while I was in Britain I only was in Lincolnshire and London. Well, this year my wife and I will be at the Tank Fest in Bovington, wondering how well we'll be able to understand everything. xD

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@ashardalon said in So will Ability spam be a thing of the past?:

monday he will ask questions
hopefully those will be understandable
or they will be lost in the french and whatever valraks accent is and we will never know

Where is Valrak from, by the way? His accent is (at least for me) one of a native English speaker...but I haven't heard it anywhere else. And I know Aussies, Canadians, US Americans, Brits and Scots...

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Just to prove you wrong: We are in the BFGA forum, for BFGA1 and 2. Whats next de Focus only showed BFGA2, because the development of 1 has long been ended. So why the hell are you talking about BFGA1 here? Just asking.

For what Kadaeux said: It was a roadmap, their PLANS. Not a promise. Their promise was to deliver the game BFGA1 and two DLCs. So they did, and they added a lot of additional stuff.

Just asking: When did you buy?

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@matacucasraid said in So, how was 'what's next de focus"?:

Well, first point : I am not young. Second point: nobody has to do anything except dying. That is the only thing everyone of this world has to.

You can try to twist in any way you want: 1 entire year of no roadmap news when you promised other thing is something NOT acceptable in the current game industry. We paid for that game and we were asking the support associated to that game and they promised us.

Wait. You know this thread is about BFG:A2, right? BFG:A1 is done for, there is nothing new to know about. The new stuff, BFG:A2, just got a load of new infos. So what excactly are you complaining about.

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Would love to see Grand Cruisers, my custom Space Wolves fleet had an Apocalypse-class BB and an Avenger-class cruiser. Yeah, house rules of course, but still...I liked the Avenger-class a lot, go in balls deep and dish out the pain!

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Nice to meet you here!

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Don't misunderstand me there, MP is important and helps keeping a game alive. If you get the MP right your game could be running for years, every now and then getting a small DLC here or an additional buyer there because somebody watched a video of a particular cool MP battle. But if your potential buyers are mostly the singleplayer type, multiple SP campaigns are more worth it. There are only very few games out there that were actually able to combine both if you look at RTS and RTT (C&C Generals, StarCraft1/2, DoW1/2, CoH1/2). And BFG:A1 excelled at why not do it like Wolfenstein and go for singleplayer only, or at least mostly? At least financially it is a sound plan. Release one or two major DLCs with new campaigns and some minor ones with additional units, factions or missions for existing campaigns (like Total War and for example XCOM1/2 did), maybe a FreeLC...and the singleplayer faction will love you and pay a load of money.

Yes, I am not looking at this topic from a players perspective, of course, and especially not a multiplayers one. But if you want to understand the reasons for a developers and publishers actions (and please remember a dev studio is not necessarily responsible for "abandoning" a game, it is usually the publisher), you need to understand where the money comes from. Main reason why I said three years ago a TW: China was overdue.

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