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Well, they might also have needed people with a decent rig. Alpha version are usually not optimised so you need a good computer to run them properly.

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Well, obviously for some reason you did not fullfil the requirements for the closed alpha. And you are doing a great job at demonstrating that you are not even able to fulfill the requirements for the closed beta.

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@tgcmactar This is for alpha testing. Base game mechanics. Don't even dare to think about MP testing or anything. And of course they need only a very, very small team. I am seriously not surprised almost no one got picked.

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Ah, almost missed it because I got ill. xD

Edit: Damn, I really need the new graphics card.^^

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@kadaeux As far as I know the whole shaman thing is not the official background anymore. The Emperor is just the most powerful human perpetual of all times, according to John Grammaticus. Probably the very first human one.

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@netheos said in Grand strategy type campaign:

Hi guys, BFG:A 2 campaign will feature a lot more content than BFG:A 1, and some element of grand strategy, but don't expect a Total War in 40K!

Tindalos is a small talented team but Creative Assembly is a studio of 500 devs.

I hope for something akin to Star Wars: Empire at War. Means supplies (as money) to buy or upgrade ships or fleets, not necessarily buildings for planets but more the same planet bonus system as in BFGA1. Maybe the option to pay for System Defense Fleet garrisons and star forts or planet based lasers and torpedos (again, like in SW EaW). One thing I would love are stable warp lanes like the hyperlanes in SW EaW that gave your fleets extra speed between certain systems. But of course the whole thing should be turn-based as in BGFA1, not this strange semi-realtime Petroglyph did.

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@netheos said in Monthly News:

We're currently working on the communication planning to have something regular and informative to give you every week 🙂

Far more content will be published closer to release, but for now the team is focused on developing the best possible sequel!

Thanks, I really can't wait, I am a huge fan of the Total War series, Paradox games and Star Wars: Empire at War...and to see a developer attempting to merge something from these games with the 40k universe is just great.

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Well, I would love to do so again, especially to ensure the translation to German is as on point as it was in the last game. The German 40k community is already quite frustrated by Games Workshops strange attitude towards foreign languages (there are no localized unit names anymore so your novels and codizes are a weird mix of German and English) and I would love to help iron out any mistakes that just simply always happen during a translation.

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To be honest, this is wrong. It is absolutely NOT pointless to announce there will be no news until a certain date, because this way your fans and followers won't get impatient or even angry. Yeah, this sounds strange but this is how social media nowadays work, you just have to throw some bits of flesh in the general direction of the hungry crowd, even if it is only tofu. This is the main reason while publishers and devs just keep their mouths shut until the last year or even months of development so they are able to provide their fans with news pretty much every week or even every few days. And if it's only artworks and (in BFGA2s case) ship schematics or details.

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