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@lkhero said in Eldar needs serious buffing:

What you say is true, but I would not throw leaderboard or even win % out at all. If anything, I would be worried that the Devs are taking these very statistics and basing game balance decisions off of this.

You are probably right. The current leaderboard can't say much.
Too many players who barely know what they are doing.
And the top of the ladder is basically the one who farms the most newbs.

But for the same reason, the serverdata statistics are super unreliable either.
God knows how Nec managed to reach 40+ win% in Beta 2, which makes them think Nec don't need buff.
It's almost unthinkable among top players.

They really need to listen to the community if they want to make decent balance.
And in that regard, I think it's better to make clear what playerlevel you belong to.
Makes it easier for the Devs to filtrate valuable information.

Since you know ........ we are talking inside a Topic which says Eldar needs buff.....

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If you ask about "buffing Eldar" then the answer will clearly be "NO".
Eldars are the most powerful factions atm.
In case you have any doubt on this statement, I'm currently at Top 2 as Corsairs with over 90% winrate.
The dude ahead of me is also playing Corsairs.

But you are correct about one thing, there are a lot of factions/builds the Eldars just can't outrun.

Basicly any ship with 200 speed + thruster + reload will catch you in close combat befor you can deal meaningful damage at long range.
And with 240 speed + thruster it's "In Ur Face" almost immediately.
This is why Slaughter spam Chaos can hardcounter all kinds of Eldar builds.
Yes, that 10s CC skill is very powerful and I personly think it need nerf sooner or latter.
But that's not the fundamental problem, Slaughter crushes Eldar ship at maneuverability is.

Then why are they still OP?
Because they can overpower most factions by simply fight them head on, no need to H&R at all.
This is especially ture for CW Eldar which is unrivalled at mid-close range, unless the enemy brings tons of boarding.
What's the point of catching the Eldars if you can't win close combat against them?

This obviously need some changes, and I can see others coming up with many good ideas.

But it's also important to raise this question ~
If Eldars become weak at close range, maybe as they're supposed to as so called "H&R factions".
How are they able to put up a fight against those they can not outrun?
Since even with current powerlevel it‘s already a "no solution" kind of problem.

Do we need to make Eldars go even faster then?