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@NaloaC said in Underhive wars is going to be awful - heres why:

At this point in time and the complete lack of any substantial interaction with the community, I'm not holding my breath for anything to be released this year before Q4.

And that's a reasonable stance to take. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the relase gets pushed further back if the need arises.

I understand the anxiety caused by lack of information and find it somewhat annoying, but what would really worry me is a potential lack of testing the game before releasing it. I did read a post that there were some alpha tests taken, with the help of Mordheim players, so I am relatively confident that if something needs to be changed, these people will give developers the info they need to adjust accordingly.

Mordheim: City of the Damned itself is a pretty good prognostic - it's a solid game, even today. And this comes from someone who (like me) had no clue about the tabletop version of it. What I hope to be improved (if Necromunda: Underhive is going to share anything with Mordheim: City of the Damned) is better, clearer UI and navigation.

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@mori-mori said:

That choice will not prevent the risk in most situations that really take place on the pitch.

I know. It isn't about preventing the risk. It's about managing it. That's why having a choice is so important: with it you can start influencing the odds in your favor.

That depends on what do you mean by "the same". Because their nature is the same. In both cases there is certain probability of random factor which meddles with your plans. [...] Then how it's not the same?

Because when you make a call on the pitch it's up to you what you do and you know what potential outcomes may be. That's why it's on you, while events are more akin to "acts of nature" (or "Act of God") - no person can be held responsible for that.

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@dode74 said):

Moving can be riskless.

I meant any action other than moving within maximum allowed movement.

You set up before the kickoff roll, and can therefore set up with the possibilities in mind. Setting up to counter a Blitz result, or setting up the defence 2 squares back in case of Quick Snap, or not putting too many on the LOS in case of Perfect Defence are typical examples; buying Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches are purely based on the kickoff table results. Some of the results cannot be mitigated, but certainly not all of them.

I know. I said that:

Well, technically you could place your players deeper on your half of the pitch so by the second turn they are ready to help teammates who are still standing, but you can't avoid the event kicking you in the head until you level up your stadium.

I also said I am fine with almost all of them, save for the Pitch Invasion because each time I saw it happening one team had ~80% of their lineup stunned on the pitch, while the other was almost untouched. But today I saw the outcome in which only one person was stunned so I guess it isn't necessarily devastating event as I previously thought it to be.

@mori-mori said:

No, game won't allow you such privilege. [...] Whatever you do, a few roll of dices may throw all your precautions out of a window.

That's where you are wrong. If there is one thing you are allowed to do it is making a choice. Sure, it's entirely possible that anything that can go wrong will go wrong but such is the nature of turn-based risk-management games. It's also a part of their charm.

You can't prevent all harms from (un)lucky rolls on pitch, you can't prevent all harms from "bad" Kick off events. Then why first is ok, and 2nd is not?

Because they aren't the same thing. I don't know how to say it in much simpler way than I already had.

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@mori-mori said:

Regardless of whether you choose that option or another one, in the described situations there is always a certain minimal "risk level" you cannot get rid of, whatever you do.

That's why it's "risk management", not "risk removal".

In X-COM there are certain "guaranteed" actions (such as explosives) which can be used before, instead or after attempting any chance-related action, depending on what you want to do.

In Blood Bowl 2 any action can fail by rolling a skull or 1. Or any action can succeed, even if it looks crazy and nobody usually attempts such plays until they get desperate enough to try them. But you still can influence the outcomes both ways.

It's the same with kick off events, there is always a chance they will spoil your game, I really can't see much difference here.

It's not the same because the risk is not applied in the same way. Actions have risk applied to them after making a call, but you know the chances and can manage them to a degree. Events are completely unpredictable - they are entirely luck-based - and largely uncontrollable.

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This way or another, you are forced to do some risky moves to prevent even more riskier outcomes.

True, but I am making my moves, basing on my initial options, even if at some point I get myself into a position in which I force myself into making a less risky play over taking chance that involves entering a more risky scenario. That's the essence of risk management.

You can't manage events all that much. Some of them can be dealt with by positioning, but others just happen. You - as a coach - could make a substantial financial investment to upgrade and enchance your stadium, but you have to play there in order to get the benefit of that.

That's why I see events in a bit different light than the usual in-game decision making process. I still like the game and its "everything can happen" flair (otherwise I wouldn't watch it or play it, or even be here), but I also agree that there are parts of the game which are largely out of the coaches' hands.

And that's contrary to the spirit of habeo ergo sum.

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@mori-mori said:

So it's like everything else in BB: every once in a while you can see some rare severe outcome, like your best player tripping over during GFI, TRR failing, armor is broken, and death is rolled. Some people just tend to exaggerate significance of such rare events.

Except it is very significant, even if rare, event. And one that - unlike Go For It - is outside of coach's limited area of influence. When you Go For It you have only yourself to blame, because you have to accept you took a chance. With Pitch Invasion you can only pray to Nuffle to spare your team. There is no other event of such magnitude in Blood Bowl 2. Even an event such as Throw a Rock affects only one player.

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Some random events would be fine if their impact was less severe.

Like Pitch Invasion, for example:

Some randomly selected players are stunned. Turns out one team gets 6 players stunned, while the other gets only 1 player stunned. Not knocked out. Stunned. Before game even begins. This is a huge advantage and not something one can really do much about.

Well, technically you could place your players deeper on your half of the pitch so by the second turn they are ready to help teammates who are still standing, but you can't avoid the event kicking you in the head until you level up your stadium.

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I see. Thanks for the clarification.

I thought I will ask in case I encountered a rare bug that should be reported.

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The sequence of events:

  1. Vampire number 1 passes the ball (short pass) to Vampire number 2.
  2. Vampire number 2 fails to catch the ball.
  3. The ball scatters and is catched by Thrall next to Vampire number 2.
  4. The Thrall is able to make a move like nothing happened.

Is this working as intended?

Before that situation I thought that a failure to catch results in a turnover, regardless if another player on the same team manages to catch the ball? Or was this allowed because Thrall still had movement point left (he didn't move before catching the scattered ball)?

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The way I recently use Blood Bowl 2 is to watch some Cabal TV.

While the RNG aspect can be infuriating at times, as is anything that goes against the plan, it makes for amazing - and I mean AMAZING - watching experience (as long as match isn't too one-sided or ends quickly with a concede) because anything can happen.

Frankly, this makes me understand what other people see in football/soccer when watching TV in real life (although I'd still argue that watching a turn-based strategy game with a lot of different potential outcomes is much more interesting than watching a real-time twitch action MMO).

So my advice is; if you aren't happy with the RNG then give Cabal TV a spin. Maybe you will like it much more than actually playing the game?