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First time I have seen anything about this game coming to PC and often talked to friends from when this game was first released and we all played it like 20 years ago round each others houses, many fun nights with some cans etc on Friday night till Saturday morning when we would brave the morning sun or rain to go to the local café for a well earned cuppa and fryup.
Could get a good few games in in that time period lol. Loved this game, enjoyed the painting and customisation we could come up with to represent the items they had. Thanks game workshop for bringing may fun nights. Now thanks Rogue Factor and Focus for bringing this game to my PC in the future.


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Only just heard today that this will be coming out one day, used to play the tabletop game allot when it came out, built up gangs, customised them and sold them online when I wanted to try a new gang. Many many games of it with a group of 8 of us. think it must of been our second fav game after playing Warhammer tabletop games. All us buying white dwarf hoping to see new necromunda stuff within.
Look forward to seeing the next rounds of invites.

Love the trailer video.
Good luck devs.