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Hello folks 🙂
Before i start i would just like to say thanks to the Devs, BETA 2 is much much smoother than BETA 1, i'm finding it quite enjoyable now.

So, i was in conversion with a gaming friend while playing this game, he happened to mention that he felt the game was smoother after uninstalling the PhysX drivers.
He was not completely sure, he even said it might be a placebo effect.

So what i did was change the PhysX settings in the drivers from GPU to CPU, see image below. Before doing this the game was ok but there is still micro-stutter in it, after switch PhysX to CPU it felt smoother, again it could be a placebo effect, honestly its hard to tell, testament to how much better BETA 2 is than 1.

Now here's the thing, nVidia's in game effects, PhysX / Game Works.... do have a reputation for costing a lot of performance, but in recent years also for causing a lot of stutter in games.
This is why i think it might be a placebo, like many people i can feel the stutter in nVidia's sponsored games and i go into the options to turn all the nVidia crap off where i can, not that you always can but it does help when you can.

The thing about Unreal Engine is Epic Games do work a lot with nVidia and a lot of nVidia's crap is hard coded into the Engine.

Look... its something to think about, or test for your selves.

Anyway, the voice you hear is my gaming mate, Shadow Play had my voice muted at the time so you can't hear me.

My PC:
Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8Ghz
GTX 1070
Installed on an SSD
Win 10 Pro
Game Settings: everything max @ 1440P

My Gaming Mates PC:
Threadripper 2950X
GTX 1080TI
Installed on an NVMe drive
Win 10 Pro

Youtube Video

alt text

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The delay is fine, it does need more work and i'm happy to wait a bit longer.

Thank you 🙂

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@alexgm101 said in Long term insurgency player: I don't feel like "returning home". Why?:

fluidity, good word to describe the difference.

This was captured by a playmate, its obviously a mod but ignoring the speed its something about the way the old one reacts to mouse input that made the old game so "fluid" its instant and accurate, it allows you to throw your aim around at great speed with confidence.

Sandstorm you can't do that, it feels inaccurate, cumbersome, disconnected.

Youtube Video – [00:26..]

Also, don't you think these voice-overs from the original are so much better?

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This is not criticism, just feedback...

Coop mode.

A couple of things that are quite frustrating, perhaps even game killing.

NPC's can see and kill you through thick smoke, if you cannot see them through the smoke they should not be able to see you.
Random head shot deaths for no reason, you're with a team mate looking for NPC's and suddenly your mates head just explodes, no sound of any shot gone out, there is no one there and yet he was shot in the head, the same thing happens to you, very randomly, in a room with 4 walls around me and the only way in is through a door that i'm watching, on the other side of that door is a road and then a wall, your head randomly explodes, no one there, completely random, there is no way for anyone to shoot you because your looking at the street and the wall opposite the door that the only way into the room is through that door, no one was there, where did the fantastical aim head shot come from?

TTK on some NPC's is excessive, so you're 5 meters away from your enemy, so close its not possible to miss, the NPC is crouched down not moving, you take 3 shots at him hitting him in the chest and realise it was not enough, in panic mode you pull the trigger as many more times as you can, another 3 shots hit his chest, in that time he has seen you and hit you twice killing you, really?

Hit boxes on moving NPC sometimes lag.

Stutter, sometimes the stutter is so bad its unplayable, the frame rates are good, but it stutters all over the place.

GTX 1070
Ryzen 1600
Installed on an SSD
Win 10.

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I have the game installed on my boot drive, which is an SSD, the game is not smooth.

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Given that the game appears to be accessing the drive a lot when the stuttering is happening getting an SSD will improve your stutters.
But, its not your system, it shouldn't stutter at all, its just a case of something in the BETA that needs fixing.

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I hope so, the community mods in the original Insurgency add a lot of fun and value to it.

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First of all i have the original, i play it a lot with friends in CooP, with 35 Angry Bot Mods and all that....
I like this the new game, tho with playing the other one with mods i'm used to having much more bots constantly attacking us.

Anyway my main reason for posting is the performance, for me at least it feels very choppy, lots of stutter, it feels like a game with memory leaks.
The frame rates also dip up and down a lot, ranging from high 40's to 90.

I have linked a video below, it doesn't look all that bad in the video but trust me it feels worse than it looks.

Game settings:
Everything as high as it will go.

GTX 1070
Ryzen 1600 @ 3.9Ghz
16GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz
Game Installed on SSD
Windows 10

Youtube Video