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also hopefully they show night in motion, i want to see if the lighting is actually dynamic now and fitting for a current era game...

@chaton so when can we hope for some actual screenshots and videos? is there still an NDA/embargo on press releases? i can't find any articles about it apart from ones that just show the photos from the event from twitter

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@wrongwayracing23 said in Community Update 13/03/19:

You guys ripped off console games!

how exactly did they rip off console players? it has all the features it has on PC, except mod support, which is limited by the consoles itself, not the game

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  • the forum's mobile page header image
  • steam workshop:
  • the videos on the steam shop site
  • also the videos and some steam pages still have the old social media site names/URLs (i.e. DLC page)
  • the forum links on top (to the right of the header image) also still have old URLs

i'll keep you updated if i find more 😁

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cockpit mesh

@Mexican_420 here is what i meant, if i add the _cockpit mesh, it overlays this grunge texture (on the left) and removes all the alpha channels of textures. i guess you can't see it as much on darker textures, but on bright ones it's definitely noticeable

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@forces the problem i have with the _cockpit mesh is that the game puts like a "grunge" texture overlay on everything inside it for whatever reason... and also water/dirt still gets inside in 3rd person view

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maybe ImpactType="Foliage" still works? at least that's what was used in the "old" spintires

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@mikhail-ivanov maybe oovee still has the name rights to "spintires"

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@unster it has dynamic shadows on the vehicle you're currently in and static models, and only from static lights and the "sun". the vehicle's lights don't cast shadows and other vehicles that you're not using don't either. i'm sure it can be worked into the current engine, but that requires it to be updated and recoded.
and the 64 bit as absolutely needed, because you can see the engine working already on the limit regarding memory usage when using mods with higher res textures, especially in multiplayer.
and yes, a 64 bit OS can run 32 bit applications, but they're limited to use 2GB of memory only

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@unster yeah all that but a lot more needs to be overhauled, lots of "under the hood" things too to fit a 2018-2020 game... things like 64 bit, dynamic shadows/lighting (hopefully with DX11/12 and vulkan support), proper bump/normal/displacement mapping, "real" reflection mapping, camera/FOV customization with mirror support for cockpit view etc.
that's what i'm hoping for, but that probably requires lots of things to be rebuilt from the ground up

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@deathcoreboy1 said in American Wilds Update 27/12/2018:

@kingnightshadow Let's hope we hear some news of MR2 in February as they have said.

since they're still updating the editor constantly (my guess is it will still be used for MR2) i'm sure MR2 won't be anything new or "groundbreaking" anyway.

i'm still hoping for a real overhaul from the ground up but... đŸ€·â™‚

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