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i'd rather not pay for mods and keep modding free, paying money for mods is stupid.

unless you feel the need to donate some money to a modder because you enjoy his work or his face or whatever, then feel free (your money, do whatever you want with it)

but having to pay money as a requirement to being able to use a mod is pretty stupid in my opinion

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lol wat
great editing skills 😁

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is that why.... you type.... exactly.... like draconus in his previous posts...

the "...." really gives it away

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@rufus said in Spintires: MudRunner July Community Update:

thank you for the monthly update,,
_it is pretty vague, and offers only a
'sorry, we can't say anything that matters just yet' message, as i interpret it.

_Please don't get me wrong!! i do appreciate the updates! However, could they actually offer some viable information? Not the following

_"at a to-be-announced date this fall."
_"not ready to announce what those vehicles are at this time",
_"more information about the pricing of this closer to release."
_"We don't have screenshots to show you of American Wilds at the moment",

as it has always been with spintires.
i really hope focus bought the whole source code of the engine and the game legally so they can continue working on it with another developer, just in case... no one is going to buy spintires a 3rd time.
everything that has been added so far is stuff that can be added with minimal effort (maps, vehicles...) and the "salvage mode" was in spintires before, so nothing new there either. is there even anyone actually working on the game itself? like under the hood?

what about converting it to 64 bit? what about new features or gamemodes? different kinds of loads? what about working on the wheelsets so they actually work properly and can be implemented again? working mirrors? DX11/12 support? working on the mud particles/effects? weather effects? i don't know man, so far nothing has really changed about the core of the game itself, you know stuff that requires actual coding and development...

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gonna get some nice exhaust fumes into the tent before closing it 🙃

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nice, now all we need is the game itself to be 64bit too...
and bring back wheelsets while you're at it 😁

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@SmarOneNine apparently it's linked to the BrakeRelease tag, there's this line inside the sounds tag:

<BrakeRelease Sound="f85hjfh" />

and these sounds inside the "sounds" folder are 4-5 minute long .wavs with the music


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i couldn't try it so far (my map editor doesn't seem to work very well yet 😁 )

but here's the files if you want to experiment with it:

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to be honest i haven't even tried yet, i might do some testing later

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i can give you the files of the seesaw thing i made for the old spintires, maybe we can figure out how to make it work in mudrunner together

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