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probably the same way as ATS (setting a "virtual" 3rd monitor with SoftTH or any other software that can emulate one)

the problem is gonna be the HUD, since it's always in the bottom left and the compass on the top left and you can't adjust its position

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the lights are easy to make, but i can't figure out moving parts...

for whatever reason Spintires/Mudrunner sometimes don't like my .x files when i add animated stuff to them and they just crash.

for example, in Spintires the antenna on the 4Runner works fine (and seems to work ok when importing it to Mudrunner), but when i tried adding the same antenna with the same bones etc. to the Pathfinder, the game crashed

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@zoglet that's what steam's big picture mode is for, i occasionally use that when playing couch-coop games on the TV when friends are over, it's made to be used with a controller

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@diggydog said in Regarding Console Mods:

I game exclusively on PS4. I started out on PC but had to stop cause it gave me terrible neck pain whereas the console controller does not. (I was a database admin and network support for 20 years, that's where the trouble started)

Also, I much prefer sitting in my living room recliner while playing vs an office chair in the home office.

The biggest thing is not having to wait on winblows to boot up and run virus scanning for hours and install updates and generally waste my time!

all those arguments don't really speak for console...

  1. you can use wireless controllers on PC and
  2. connect your PC to your TV so you can sit in your recliner and play too (plus you can actually play in real 4K, not upscaled, on your giant 4K TV)
  3. my PS4 updates at least as frequently as my PC, so waiting for updates is not really an argument
  4. my virus scanner (if i ever even use it) runs for about 2-4 minutes, if i do a deep search (which is like twice a year) i let it run overnight anyway

@zoglet said in Regarding Console Mods:

Same same. When I was younger and lived in one room and did everything on PC it made sense. Still the frustration of constant tweaking, os management, performance and stability issues, plus the constant upgrade arms race was a pain. Once I had my own apartment, I would rather sit on my sofa with my friends and play on my large TV with a beer or a cuppa. Console performance got good enough to play similar games to PC and playabiliy performance was strictly controlled / guaranteed. Some of these factors have changed on both sides since then but even if PCs are cheaper and more stable now, I still prefer sitting on my sofa, pushing a button and playing on my 60 inch TV within a matter of seconds. Iā€™m not arguing one is better than the other, they both have their pros and cons depending on personal circumstances or preferences. In the case of Mudrunner, lack of mod support on consoles is a major con, but not enough to make me invest unnecessarily in a PC, or move off my couch XD

same for you, i tweaked my PC once (i'm not into overclocking so i just set it up so it runs stable at decent temperatures), windows 10 basically manages itself, performance issues (as if consoles have good performance these days šŸ˜ lol), i built my PC 5 years ago and it still runs new games on high/ultra, hardware upgrade cycles are 5-10 years (depending on how much you spend initially), which is around the same for consoles.

the sofa argument doesn't count (see above)

the only argument i can see where you have a point is price, hardware prices have gone unnecessarily high in the last few years, especially GPUs and RAM, but they've calmed down a bit

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@unster said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

I would especially love to see screenshots or a video of a truck going through mud. So far we've seen very little mud in Mud Runner 2, kind of ironic isn't it.

and snow, and most of all night, i really want to see improvements in the dynamic lighting, but i have doubts they're going to do much about it

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also hopefully they show night in motion, i want to see if the lighting is actually dynamic now and fitting for a current era game...

@chaton so when can we hope for some actual screenshots and videos? is there still an NDA/embargo on press releases? i can't find any articles about it apart from ones that just show the photos from the event from twitter

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@wrongwayracing23 said in Community Update 13/03/19:

You guys ripped off console games!

how exactly did they rip off console players? it has all the features it has on PC, except mod support, which is limited by the consoles itself, not the game

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  • the forum's mobile page header image
  • steam workshop:
  • the videos on the steam shop site
  • also the videos and some steam pages still have the old social media site names/URLs (i.e. DLC page)
  • the forum links on top (to the right of the header image) also still have old URLs

i'll keep you updated if i find more šŸ˜

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cockpit mesh

@Mexican_420 here is what i meant, if i add the _cockpit mesh, it overlays this grunge texture (on the left) and removes all the alpha channels of textures. i guess you can't see it as much on darker textures, but on bright ones it's definitely noticeable

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@forces the problem i have with the _cockpit mesh is that the game puts like a "grunge" texture overlay on everything inside it for whatever reason... and also water/dirt still gets inside in 3rd person view