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I am sorry to hear that and kind of surprised because in a lot of case it was actually a straight improvement to FX that were more than 2 years old. Can you list the FX that you dislike the most if its not asking too much ?

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Hi Yehp, planets in the game use very complex shaders that can be very hard on the GPU, you said you have a 945m its a laptop card, can you give us your full hardware specs ?

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hi we had big performance issues caused by the huge amount of FX each ship can generate and considering that the max size of fleets have been increased it was necessary to make some sacrifices. Affected factions are Imperium Orks Chaos Space Marines and Tau. That being said i am not happy with the end result on Imperium engine and i am still trying to find more acceptable solutions.

For the Imperium missing its bomber animation its a bug i fixed yesterday.

Ashardalon what do you mean they look fine for me :0_1547724417285_5bbabea7-0465-47ed-8c03-d5245bf7431d-image.png

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