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What is the status of the game? Are we close to alpha status, or to see some ingame footage anytime soon?

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Just a question about similarity. In my youth, there was this hybrid tabletop game from Workshop called inquisitor, which was a hubrid between tabletops and traditional roleplay. It didnt hit success very much, and i suspect the weird figure heights had something to do with it, as all terrain pieces had to be created\bought again, as standard warhammer sizes would be way too small.

Anyway, my dream has always been to see the Inquisitor ruleset live in a PC game, as its flexible and fantastic on all accounts. For those who know, how are the Necromundia ruleset compared to that of Inquisitor?

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@detortor said in What has been revealed March 6:

deaths and injuries are permanent, and you’ll need to live with the consequences of every battle.

Reading this.. a tactical RPG with consequences, in a W40K enviorment and ruleset. Finally humanity is comming around! Im officially about to wet myself! 😃