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Oh, f*ck! Yes u r right. I know the skills, but I just checked the icon, nothing more and I'm new with BB2 UI. 😕 THX

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replay files:

0_1537963896615_2018-09-26 (2).png

So the problem is, I had block in this action but it didn't coun't(my player died but it's not the biggest problem). As you see on the picture in the dice log, I chosen "both down" with block...The match was againts Ai, on Windows 10 but I attached a dxDiag file too. Sorry but I attached more replay(everyone from today) files cause I didn't know which was that one, cause I didn't send it immediatelly, sorry. 😕 But it was againt's a team called Screvy creepers, maxbe you can find the correct in the replay index file, sorry! If you need other files I can help, just please debug this shit, cause it's a horrible one. 😕