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I'm quite confident there will at least be an update to fix bugs at some point.

At least to fix the known issues listed there:

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You can find the lore in the rulebook (starting p.35)

As a relic of the origins of the Warhammer lore, Blood Bowl doesn't care much about countries and diplomacy. This is a game about iconic fantasy races hitting each other in the face.

So most events are related to Blood Bowl itself, its rules, its teams and its players, often under the form of anecdotes and quotes.

Just like Warhammer Battles used to be, it's sometimes quite inconsistent, which allowed the use of fun races or gimmicks which mostly disappeared from Warhammer Battles, like halflings, chainsaws and a whole lot of anachronisms.

A good testimony of this evolution is the unwillingness of GW to allow the Slann team in BB because it goes against the current design of that race. In the same way, Amazons used to have a Unicorn BG and you could also decapitate players with your chainsaw, play with their head, and score with it to get a RR.

Blood Bowl's lore and rules have become more standardised with time and the success of a more "serious" approach to the game, but its tier system and some specific players or starplayers are testimonies of a much more chaotic past.

This is way it is often considered that in the world of Blood Bowl, there's only Blood Bowl and what matters are only things directly related to BB. BB can cause epidemics, wars, massacres etc. but not the other way around.

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Vous pouvez aussi retrouver le calendrier des lives et des matchs sur l'agenda :

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If you plan to play in the champion ladder of the official league, Amazons isn't the best choice at all. They have low armour, so in the long term you'll lose a lot of players - plus they are weak against teams with a lot of tackle. That means dwarf at low tv, but almost all the bashy teams at higher tv. You'll get injured and you'll miss dodges. You can somehow counter that with Guard and Mighty Blow on your players, but they life expectancy will be too short anyway. Their playstyle is also quite generic - so chances are that you'll enjoy low tv a lot, but later it will end just like your norse team. Amazons are a good team for short formats without too many dwarves.

High Elves are a better pick, but in a competition like the champion ladder, any team that isn't bashy will be harder to play. Your first matchs should be nice if you play them well, but when the first MB/claws come, you'll lose very expansive players. HE are good but risky.

It means in both cases you it's likely that you got stuck at medium tv.

BTW, I don't understand how your strategy can be to have advantage in numbers if you want to play low armour teams. Dark Elves are a good pick for you I think - their players aren't as expansive as the HE, but they are also tougher than Amazons. The HE don't seem to suit your playstyle - since you should treat all your players as expansive starplayers.

I'm thinking maybe you should try the Lizardmen. They are fast and have 6-7 strong players, and they are almost always a top tier team. One of the best team to outmanoeuver your opponent. Just be careful with your skinks. They don't have a passing game, but it seems to be the best alternative to dark elves for you.

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Was playing my second match with the Khemri team "Latin Grammarians" in the official champion's ladder.
Here's what I saw:

This coach is *****. He deserves a permanent ban and public shaming.

By the way, why is there not a way to report this kind of coach? That we are unable to report coachs with harsh words I understand, but this kind has based his team upon antisemitism. Where am I supposed to report this moron? Am I in the right place?

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