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what about the tutorial that is already there?

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I'm not here to say get rid of tatoos, But I'd like to see shoulder and head patches (similar unit emblems) for Sec team and bandanas or arm band for Ins team for beta testers or other cosmetics. I think it would be better than tattoos since they don't show when you have long sleeves and doesn't even show very well even when you have short sleeves.

Here are some examples:



P.S. Also, this photo reminds me that you guys really need to fix up the factory dispensed barrettes into proper folded up ones like in the photo.

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@n4thani3l The manual pumping is already in the game I believe. You need to press it really fast to notice.

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It had always impressed me that shot guns in this game was effective at more realistic ranges compared to other FPS games out there, yet also have been a pet peev of mine to see shot guns for the BREACHER class be a useless weapon for actual breaching.

I have thought about many ways to balance this weapon, to be more suitable for CQB situation (and breaching) without being overly 'snipy' as it is currently used right now.

Here are my suggestions:

Mechanical Changes

  1. make the aim be slightly thrown off every time the pump action is performed. This would make it difficult to aim targets at long range quick enough for a fast burst of accurate down range fire at longer ranges.

Key Point: the manual pump reload (extra clicking before the automatic pump action takes place) would need to throw off the aim after pumping more significantly compared to the 'automatic' pumping which is slower, but less disruptive to the aim.

This makes a semi-realistic approach to nerfing shot guns at long range, as your handling of the weapon during a pump would shake the weapon a little anyway.

  1. Lower penetration for buck shot - especially heavy drop off for longer distances. (they realistically don't have very good penetration) This will reduce the effectiveness of buck shot for longer range. Note: I do admit, I'm not sure how good the penetration is for buck shots in this game, but armour at long distances should effectively block buck shots.

  2. Now that the shot gun has been nerfed for longer engagements, it needs to be more effective in close quarters by buffing up the pump speed (or decrease the delay). Especially for manual pumping, which means you can dump all 7 to 8 rounds in a quick burst. The current pumping speed for both manual and automatic is pathetically slow. Which makes close quarters engagements all about hitting the first shot quickly, and not expecting to survive when you miss.

  3. Reload speed needs to increase (or at least implement a speed reload). Pretty obvious, it is extremely discouraging factor for close quarter engagement when your reload takes almost 10 seconds. Which is another reason why longer engagements are preferred with this weapon.

  4. Introduce a "damage saturation" for limbs. Which just means that if multiple pellets from a single shot gun blast are hit on the limbs, the damage doesn't multiply for all the pellets and will only damage to a certain amount (saturated damage), which means a person could survive a single hit on the foot or a hand. This might not sound realistic at first, but also consider that the pellets essentially go through very small volume of area, which means the damage is essentially similar to 2 or 3 pellets going through the limbs.
    Game mechanical wise, this will reduce BS one shot to the foot with a shot gun, reducing its potential as a OP weapon.

With these changes in mind, I'd also like to suggest some pricing and minuet balancing changing.

  1. Increase the price of shotguns (I'd say 3 or 4 supply would be enough)

  2. Increase pricing of flechett (2 or 3?) since they are more rare. Also make them more intended for longer range engagements (less damage drop off and more penetration) and armour penetrating, but with less individual damage compared to buck shot, and due to saturation damage as mentioned above, less effective in close quarters.

These changes will effectively change how the shot gun would be played, from slow quick corner peaking shot by shot at long range meta - towards a more close quarter oriented breaching role as it is intended to be.

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@olyyourfriend It would be good if something like that existed in the main menu, with your party members joining the practice range during match up timer. And you can toggle between 3rd person view to see cosmetics.

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@dutchxarms said in Hax:

@jensiii said in Hax:


looks all korean's they suck at gaming i guess

What the hell do you mean?
The two hackers in this screen shot are both Chinese.
The Steam ID of that user is this one here:

which also has Chinese characters, and a Chinese flag on that group.

You obviously can't distinguish Korean to other Asian writing, since there is only 2 here that has Korean and both has 0 kills. Just projecting your racist beliefs obviously.
And not sure what you mean by "Korean country". Does that imply that there is many Koreas that can play Insurgency sandstorm? Shows your stupidity there as well. Perhaps you think all of Asia is a "korean country"?

Also, your comment is pretty funny considering Korea is well known for its pro-gaming scene

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The strip clip doesn't work anything like the real life counterpart. It should be used no matter how many rounds are in the mag without having to empty it. It just makes no sense. Red Orchestra is probably the only game that I've seen it do it correctly I believe (that I know of)

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Just a few minutes ago, I was on a Coop server. After the map was changed, I couldn't change my class/loadout or anything at all. It was frozen after the loading screen was finished. So I alt-tabbed out of the game a couple of times to see if anything was fixed. But now, I was kicked for "Anti-Cheat Violation" and I seemed to be permanently banned from joining up the server. I have never used a cheat program or anything of a sort in my life. And I am just baffled that this even happened.

Please!! have a look into this and see if the issue with the anti-cheat software can be resolved. The software that I may feel like might have had a conflict with the game might be Nox Multi-drive, but this was not running any of the Nox players at the time, so I'm not sure how that would have made a conflict with the anti-cheat.