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Attention Admirals, and welcome to the first devblog for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. In this series we’ll go over everything you need to know before release in January, from story to gameplay and back again. In this first piece we’ll go over the basic overview of the game, changes made to game modes and general concepts, as well as the key facts you’ll need to know.

Much like the original game, Armada 2 is a space RTS focused on recreating the feel and flow of naval combat, only with the giant starships and monstrous creatures of the 41st millenium. Positioning, speed changes, and turn rates must be taken into account as you manage your broadsides, rams, boarding parties, and much more.

On top of that baseline we’ve built a sequel improved in every way. All 12 factions from the original tabletop game are included and fully playable in multiplayer and skirmish games, updated and expanded for the modern Warhammer 40,000 universe. Three full campaigns tell very different stories of the fate of the galaxy as you command the Imperial, Necron or Tyranid fleets to dominance. Plus leaderboards, a custom fleet builder, along with balance and gameplay improvements.


Campaign: The campaign begins with a tutorial that depicts the fall of Cadia, an ancient fortress world that has held back the evil hidden with the Eye of Terror for millenia. Its destruction by Abaddon the Despoiler’s 13th Black Crusade sets off a chain of events that form the backdrop for our Imperial, Necron, and Tyranid campaigns. We’ll go into further detail on each in the future, including co-op, unique campaign mission elements, and the redesigned, deeper campaign structure.

Skirmish & Multiplayer: As well as the inclusion of all 12 factions, we’ve overhauled how Skirmish games are played. Each map has a number of zones that must be captured to gain points every second. You also gain points from destroying enemy ships, and wiping out the opposing fleet is still the most direct way to victory, but not the only one. You can play 1v1 and 2v2, an AI able to take any slot, with various new and returning map features.

Fleet Customisation: After picking a faction you must also select a subfaction, admiral skills, fleet upgrades, and build a fleet. Each of the 70 subfactions has a unique colour scheme, and some have their own skills or upgrades to select which represent their take on that fleet. Admiral skills are powerful abilities that only your flagship possesses, and come with long cooldowns and devastating effect. Fleet upgrades are more broad, affecting all or a subset of your ships and changing their playstyle.

Finally when building a fleet you select which ships to field, restricted only by a point total you cannot exceed. Whether you form that total out of dozens of light cruisers and escorts or a few heavy battlecruisers is up to you. Individual ships have varieties, so a single hull might be the basis for four different ships to select from, each with their own specific weapons and points values.


Multiplayer Progression: All ships and factions are unlocked from the start, so you can always deploy whatever fleet you wish against your opponent. More details on how ranked play works are coming soon.


Please look forward to learning more about Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 in future devblogs. Next time we’ll do a deep dive on the lore of the new galaxy, as well as exploring the game’s three campaigns.

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Hey all,

I'm gonna lock this thread, the conversations are no longer in good faith.

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Welcome back to another devblog for Space Hulk: Tactics, where today we’ll be going over the customisation system. We’ll be focusing on the cosmetic aspects of your units, but let’s start by talking about weapon and squad customisation from a gameplay standpoint.

How you build your squad or swarm is entirely up to you. On the Terminator side you select five Terminators to begin the battle with, and can decide which and how many of the five classes you wish to field. Obviously, a balanced team has its advantages, but so does a pair of autocannons, or a focus on melee, depending on the mission. For Genestealers, you select which special biomorphs you’ll have access to via the card system, which also governs the other cards in your deck, as weapon and class choice does for the Terminators.


Everything that changes how you might play the game - weapons, classes, chapters, and so on - is unlocked from the start for skirmish and multiplayer. In the campaigns, different options are unlocked over time, as well as through resources you find while exploring the Hulk. In this way you build your force naturally, and story events are tied to the different options you have available.

Cosmetic customisation has many more features. For the Terminators, each piece of armour has several options, sometimes as many as a dozen or more, to be selected. This includes the helm, pauldrons, and chest piece, as well as less obvious elements like shinpads, thigh adornments, and the exact look of a weapon. Each chapter also has unique versions of some or all of these, meaning the total number of options is far higher across every chapter. This allows you to theme squads or individual units if you wish, or make them a grab-bag of mismatched items, a squad who have undergone many repairs.


Speaking of which, the system goes deeper and allows you to change the wear and tear on a unit’s armour - how many scratches and marks does it have, how many layers of battle-dirt? On top of that you can customise colours, emblems, and patterns, letting you build a personalised version of each chapter using their colour scheme and markings. Want all-green Dark Angels covered in bumps or solid-black Blood Angels, wings on every surface? That’s possible here.

Genestealers have no armour pieces to play with, being armoured by bone structure and hardened flesh. However, their look can be altered across a variety of their body parts, again using the colour schemes of various hive fleets as a base. Blood-red or bone-white Genestealers are just a trip to the squad creation menu away, and of course you can match (or mismatch) this individually across the base Genestealers as well as the various biomorphs.


We’re exceptionally proud of the amount of customisation possible in Space Hulk: Tactics. For more options you can also pre-order on Steam and receive some additional colour schemes based on later founding chapters, the Angels Sanguine, Nova Marines, Disciples of Caliban, plus Bran Redmaw’s Great Company and the Heresy Grey colour scheme of the Space Wolves.

Stay tuned for news very soon about our pre-order beta, and we look forward to showing you the game in full on October 9th.

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Hey all,

as this topic is getting a little out of hand and is no longer a productive discussion, I'm going to lock the thread.

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@elirodgersss Hi there,

This is going to be a paid DLC for Spintires: MudRunner

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@brazz989 The Hummer H1 will be recallable, but there will be other smaller vehicles as well 🙂

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