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Hey there,

We're actually aware of this issue and are currently working on it 🙂

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Hey there,

So, you are able to play offline vs bots through the "Local Play" option in the game but, with that said, you still need to be connected to NWI services to be able to play Insurgency: Sandstorm, which does require an active internet connection.

I'm sorry for any disappointment this causes, and appreciate that our messaging did paint another picture, and have passed on the requests for a true offline mode, but can't promise anything at the moment.

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Hi there,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I missed your messages. Sincerely sorry about this. I've poked the team to find out what's going on with it.

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@malcolm_tucker We didn't have much to say about the game in November. Like I've said in a couple of the community updates, I think it's better to not say anything when we have nothing to say, otherwise people will be upset that we're just coyping and pasting content. To that end, we're going to say something when we do have something to say, which I can't give more information about at the moment. I can say that MudRunner 1 is still under active development.

@knight25 I'm sorry that you think the community updates were lacking, but we announced every DLC in the community updates. I don't think it's true that they were copy and pasted content from the previous months at all, and when there was repeated content, it was because there was repeated things to say.

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Hi everyone,

Today is my last day at Focus Home Interactive, and I wanted to post a little goodbye here. I started at Focus in May, 2017, right before we launched these new forums. A lot of you joined us from our previous forums, but since then, this community has grown in quite a way, with our games drawing many of you to post about what you loved (and certainly about what you didn't love) about our games.

I've had a tremendous time telling you about MudRunner, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Farming Simulator 19, BFG:A2 and all the others games that I've worked on while at Focus. What's coming up next for Focus is going to be stunning, and I can't wait to see it alongside you all as fans.

If you'd like to keep in touch with me, you can follow me on Twitter, and I'll be around to talk about video games with you.

Take care, and keep making the community at Focus awesome.


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Is this now, or is was it occuring when the beta was running? The beta finished last week.

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Hi, thank you for this, I've passed it along.

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Hi there,

I'm investigating this now.

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Hi both, I'm passing this along to the dev team now.

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Hey @Covert_,

Could you let me know if you've updated the scenario names, please?