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Please do not insult people here, anyone. I've warned you before.

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Thank you very much, we really appreciate this 🙂

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Hi there,

For clarification, there's an issue loading rocks in the editor right now, or is it a larger issue than that?

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Hey there!

We're working to have a better multiplayer experience in Necromunda than Mordheim, but we're not ready to talk about what that is in specificity right now 🙂

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HI there!

Are you able to connect with any other players/public lobbies at all?

Do you have similar problems in other games with this same person?

And can you create a multiplayer session and play in it by yourself?

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It may also be an unsupported resolution, what resolution are you playing the game at?

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Thanks for responding here, @Mexican_420!

Through this link you can find a version that we use to show the game at events. I can't embed it because it's quite a large image.

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It's possible that your anti-virus is conflicting with the game launching. Do you have one installed?

Is it possible for you to try whitelisting the game in your anti-virus and then trying to run it again?

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