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Manually installed maps will work with the updated version of Spintires: MudRunner, they just need to be converted to the new version using the mod conversion tool.

did you get the maps in question working, Cody?

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Hi there!

We don't have a set release schedule for episodes at this time, but we do plan to release each episode at a steady pace throughout 2018.

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Could you please screenshot the map menu for me?

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@shadowsincere Thanks for passing that along, I'll shoot a message over to the dev team to let them know

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Brilliant, thanks for letting me know! Enjoy!

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So you have all the additions from the future patches? The Valley wasn't released until February, so this is a little odd.

Also, could you please screenshot:

  • Properties>Updates tab
  • Properties>Local Files tab
  • Properties>Beta tab
  • Properties>DLC tab

Could you also try going to Steam>Settings>Downloads and clicking "Clear Download Cache"?

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