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@pix3lmonkey Hi there,

You should be able to get the map you're working on (which looks incredible, by the way) working in the new version of Spintires: MudRunner through the mod conversion tool. I know this doesn't help with the debugging, but it should allay your fears about using the new version of the game.

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Hi there,

This isn't something that's currently planned.

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Hi all,

Maps will work in the new version of the game, we've tested it. All you need to do is use the editor tool to convert your maps to the new format. Once modders have done this, they will work on the updated version of the game.

As an aside, in future, please refrain from language such as this. We're not here to be shouted at.

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Hi there,

We've not ignored the issue, we were out of office until just now.

We're looking into the fact that older maps are no longer working in Spintires: MudRUnner, but I don't have much of an answer to give you at this point.

In addition, please don't use profanity on these forums in such a way.

Updated: If you want to play older maps on this new version, you will need to convert them to the game using the conversion tool in the edtior. Once this is done, the older maps will be compatible with Spintires: MudRunner

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Hi all,

We are continuing to work on this issue, but we don't have a date for when we'll have a fix ready for you.

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Hi there!

Would it be possible for you to screenshot the error you receive for us? It's difficult for us to help without that.

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Hello all,

Today, we're very happy to unveil an update that adds Workshop Map Support to Spintires: MudRunner on PC. What this means for you is that we now officially support map mods in Spintires: MudRunner, and players will be able to upload and download their creations through the Steam Workshop, in the same way that they can for trucks.

You will find an update to both Spintires: MudRunner and the Spintires: MudRunner Editor.

Should you need help learning how modding tools work in Spintires: MudRunner, here is our official guide. This will teach you to make both map mods and vehicle mods.

Another great community made guide, made by Torridon88, can be found here.


  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements to level editing mode.
  • Undo/redo history now works for changing object position and orientation.
  • Trucks are now better visualised on the map. Truck/trailer/addon picker dialog added.
  • Truck orientation can now be arbitrary. (Trucks are no longer required to be landed.)
  • Mods can now contain levels that are properly exported to the workshop.
  • Improvements were made to the "import spintires-2016 level" function.
  • Truck textures are now better optimised when exporting to the workshop.
  • Added "default screenshot for the item" function added for mods.

If you want to play older maps on this new version, you will need to convert them to the game using the conversion tool in the edtior. Once this is done, the older maps will be compatible with Spintires: MudRunner

Should you not want to move to this new update just yet, you are able to stay on the current branch by going to public branch ver_18_01_29b in your available betas.

Thank you, and we'll talk to you soon,

The Spintires: MudRunner team.


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Hi there,

Yes, this will be available in the Space Hulk: Enhanced Edition, though it doesn't give a bonus to players, it is cosmetic.

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Greetings shaper, and welcome to our fourth and penultimate lesson on Guardians - the powerful golems that form your army as you fight to save the land of Spark in Masters of Anima.


The Commander is your lieutenant on the battlefield - bulky, powerful, and capable of relaying commands to your soldiers. Like the Keeper, their direct damage does not compare to the Sentinel, but their utility capabilities more than make up for it. They’re hardier even than the Protector - but come solo, rather than in squads, to clobber your enemies with massive fists of rock.

Their key , however, is a constant, passive aura around themselves that increases the attack speed of 16 nearby guardians by 50%. While it’s unlikely you’d want Commanders to comprise the bulk of your army, this makes them an extremely powerful inclusion in any force. Whether it’s outputting more damage with your Sentinels or increasing your Anima gain alongside Keepers, it’s an extremely powerful ability that will require precise positioning and control.

alt text

In this same theme, Commanders do not have a Battle Cry of their own, and in fact, you’ll want them as far from you as possible when you activate. Commanders relay your Battle Cry, affecting a batch of other Guardians around them. Far from merely affecting the eight closest Guardians, this means your entire army can be buffed up with proper positioning - and you can reliably trigger different Battle Cries at the same time.

Commanders are also very hardy, a necessity given only one is summoned per Anima globe used. They spawn with three points of armour. After this is gone they become vulnerable, but it will take some time to batter through, and means you don’t have to be constantly worried about their position. This can be improved further with skill points, as can their damage, and the effectiveness of their aura. Invest heavily in upgrading your Commanders and you will see a big pay off.

While exploring Spark, Commanders can use their impressive strength to haul massive objects out of the ground, giving you much-needed protection from the elements. This will also be useful for discovering the many secrets of Spark - exploration is key in Masters of Anima, and there are hidden treasures buried everywhere.


Their massive, heavy fists aside, Commanders have much more utility than some of their peers. While their use may not be as immediately obvious to an adventurer as the bow or sword and shield, they will yield great boons to the Shaper capable of the control required to use them effectively.

We have just one Guardian left to reveal, the Summoner, and then your training will be complete. You will be a shaper worthy to save this world. Will you take up the challenge?

Masters of Anima comes to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on April 10th, 2018. Learn more at

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