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You're fine! Just wanted some clarity is all. 🙂

As I said above, we understand that there's not much information about maps coming to the Steam workshop currently, but rest assured it's something that we are working on heavily right now, and will have more information on in the near future.

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Hi there!

We have already confirmed that more content is on it's way to MudRunner, we just haven't said what that content will be.

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Hi @DmitriyGDS,

I'm a little confused about what you're saying here, could you clarify what it is you're looking for?

MudRunner already features saving in multiplayer, and we are currently working on supporting maps in the workshop.

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Hi there!

The DLC is integrated into the main story, so you'll be able to start the DLC with your current saved slot. If you were to do NG++, you'd have to get up to the DLC areas once again.

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Hi all!

We're terribly sorry about the fact that the loyalty discount isn't currently showing. We're working on getting that working again, and so we recommend not buying the game until that loyalty discount has returned. It should have returned by this evening, but please bear with us.


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Hi there,

Do you happen to have a picture of the disk you bought? What retailer did you get it from?

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@madi Please don't try and ask people to not express their opinions here, especially helpful ones like the ones Shmag is expressing. The forum is for everyone to talk about our games, both negatively and positively.

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Hi @Tattoo,

It's likely something we need to tweak with the Askimet settings on our end, is it only a specific site that you're getting those messages with? I noticed you said that you weren't with every link, but I was wondering if you knew which ones specifically they were, in case we need to whitelist them.

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Hi @Justcallmeow,

This is an incredible amount of work you've done to enable hotkeys for cockpit view, thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that we'll actually be adding an official way to do this in the next update to Spintires: MudRunner, releasing on PC this week.


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