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@scionu Could you post upload your logs here using WeTransfer so that we can see what is causing the crash, please?

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Hey there,

Sorry that it appears that I'm posting too much in other games at the moment - the truth is, Vampyr released only two weeks ago, and there is a lot of support and community management that needs to be done when a game releases.

This, in conjunction with E3, means that my focus has been on other games most recently.

With regards to more information, I mentioned in the most recent community update that there wasn't likely to be any news for the next month or so, and so that updates from me with MudRunner specifically may be limited.

I can say that we are currently working on something, and that I do plan to have news for you in the semi-near future, but at the moment, I don't have a whole lot more to say on what is going on with MudRunner.

With regards to the crane issue, I'll push it forwards to the team again, but they're rather busy at the moment working on the future of the game.

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Could you try re-installing the DLC and trying it again? If that doesn't work, could you try restoring your licenses on your PS4?

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Hi there,

Would it be possible for you to post your computer's specs, please?

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alt text

Greetings Brothers,

We're very happy to release the first update for Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition and we’ve carefully read your feedback and reports about this major update. This update is aimed to introduce some quality of life changes and bug fixes. This was already out on PC, and is out on PS4 today!

alt text


  • PC ONLY Added the Ping (ms) display for each current server. The ping might take a few seconds to be displayed and can be refreshed.
  • Added New option in the Game panel that allows you to choose from different Muzzleflash intensity. By default is set at maximum.
  • Added in the Controller panel a new option to activate/deactivate the vibrations.
  • Improved security on your customization file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sometimes not getting XP at the end of the mission.
  • Fixed when using a controller that you can’t scroll down the server list.
  • Fixed deathcam camera could get stuck in some rare cases.[/list]

Have fun purging,

Space Hulk: Deathwing Team

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We're super glad you like it!

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Hi there!

Thank you very much for this, I'll pass these along to the dev team.

I'm sorry to hear about your encountering frame drops to 20FPS, I can confirm that we're working on a performance patch for Vampyr right now, that we expect to have out in the near future.

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