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Are you joining them through the server browser, or matchmaking?

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Hey there,

Are you playing on dedicated servers, by any chance?

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Fear The Wolves, our FPS battle royale, continues development in Early Access with the new Unified Update, out today. This huge patch focuses on improving the player experience with faster queues and more intense matches, as well as adding much-requested features such as a new waiting room, vaulting, voice chat, and more. Learn all about it in our latest featurette, releasing alongside the patch today.

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We'll be monitoring very closely your reports about this new update to be ready to fix any issue that you might encounter. Please post your feedback in the Steam discussion hub and our official forum.

The update’s namesake is the new Unified game mode, which makes playing as a duo the default and puts all players together in the same matchmaking pool. Those who want to play solo can do so, and hoard all the gear they find for themselves without having to split it with a partner, but may find themselves outnumbered. This is just another new way Fear the Wolves is creating a unique battle royale experience, alongside our radiation system, treasure maps, PvE elements and much more.

Also included in the Unified Update is a completely reworked on-boarding experience to go along with a new deployment phase. It adds contextual hints as well as a revamped in-game UI that should help new players navigate the complex changes and tweaks Fear the Wolves has made to the battle royale formula.


Finally, squad voice chat and vaulting make their debut in the Unified Update. Both are vital to getting the game ready for final launch in early 2019, and greatly improve the gameplay experience, particularly for those matching randomly with other players online.

You can read the full patchnotes for the update here on Steam.

The Fear the Wolves Unified Update is out today. Fear the Wolves is in Steam Early Access now and the full version will be available in early 2019.

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@jensiii That's a good suggestion, and is something i'll ask people to start doing 🙂

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Hi there,

The development team are developing the game, and have dedicated people to talk to the communities for them. That said, it's difficult for us to respond to every single bug to say that they've been noticed. If you don't get a reply, it's safe to assume that we've seen it and passed it along to the developers. Please rest assured that we do read every post that is made here.

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Firstly, we're sorry that this bug is giving you inconveniences, and that it's not currently planned to be fixed.

Secondly, please don't attack members of Focus here, or any other developers. This isn't acceptable. We appreciate that the response isn't to your liking, but attacking us isn't allowed, and goes against the rules of this forum, and our code of conduct.

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Please send them to us directly for us to send to the team

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Thanks for this, I'll pass it along for you 🙂

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Hi all,

Could you please DM me your Steam IDs? I'll pass this along for the team to investigate

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Is this on dedicated servers or official ones?

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