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Hi there,

You wold have found the box on the body, you'll need to return it to Barrett Lewis or another character, this can be seen in the Investigations menu.

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Hi there,

We're aware of long load time issues on Xbox One currently. The team are looking into it, and we hope to have a fix for it, but I don't have any time frame on when a potential fix may be ready.

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Hi all,

Sorry for the late response here, I'm passing this on to the team for further investigation again, I'm sorry that it's persisted for this long.

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Hi there,

We have a lot of questions to get through, our apologies for not responding immediately - we don't currently have plans for a Chinese-language version of Vampyr on Xbox One or PS4.

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Hi both,

Could I please ask you both for the following:

  • Your full dxDiag files
  • The dump of the crash that occurred, which can be found here: C:\Users"UserName"\AppData\Local\AVGame\Saved\Logs
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@1967deuce I haven't had chance to try it out myself yet, sadly

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@1967deuce Hey, it does make sense! I've passed the idea on to the team 🙂

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Aha, I understand. Thank you for this, I'll pass it on.

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Hi both,

We're looking into a fix for it at the moment, as I have more information for you, I'll let you know.

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Hello once again, and welcome to the latest dev blog for Tour de France 2018!

In today's dev blog, we will be discussing a brand new feature coming to Pro Team mode this year, Fitness Peaks!

Fitness Peaks are an interesting addition to Tour de France, and will bring a new strategic layer to the game. Whereas in previous editions of the game, players would choose who to race based on their abilities during a race specifically, Fitness Peaks will now allow a new level of preparation before even beginning a race.

0_1528289950108_tdf 2018-06-06 14-55-04-613.png

Firstly, let's introduce the system itself. Each season, you will be able to assign riders two fitness peaks, and at least two months apart. These are represented by the highlighted green arrows in the image above. Once assigned, players will conserve their efforts so that they are at their fittest during those races. You'll want to assign your fitness peaks so that riders with the ability to win on those races, are at their fittest during them.

This has multiple affects on the rider. Firstly, it means they will perform best on that track, with certain statuses being eliminated - they will no longer be able to gain the "Struggling" condition, and "bad condition" is less likely to occur. In addition, they are able to gain the "Good Condition" and "Exceptional Condition" status effects, where their ratings are boosted by one or two points respectfully, which is a major bonus when gained on races the rider has a chance of winning.

0_1528290053869_tdf 2018-06-06 14-54-59-970.png

When the Fitness Peaks aren't applied, two other levels of fitness may occur. These are represented by the dark green sideways triangle, and the grey triangle pointing downwards. The first triangle, the dark green, represents a regular level of fitness, where the cyclist is at normal condition, and isn't especially rested or exhausted. Here, they will be able to gain the Good Condition status affect (boosting their ratings by one point), but will also be able to have the Bad Condition and Struggling effects applied, decreasing their ratings by one and two points respectfully. Managing these negative conditions so that they're more likely to appear on races you don't have a chance of winning, or that you're not interested in winning, goes a long way in the strategic layer of Tour de France 2018, and is important to manage.

This is similar of the grey status, where the rider is tired. Here, they will no longer be able to gain the positive status effects, but the negative and neutral ones will still occur. These are when riders will be most able to fail a race, and so you will want to position these where you're able to take a loss with that rider.

Make sure to manage your Fitness Peaks, and ensure your team is in the best condition to attack their races! Be fit, and succeed, get tired, and it might be another story entirely.

Tour de France 2018 on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One and Pro Cycling Manager 2018 on PC, will release in retail stores and for download June 28th.

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