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Spintires: MudRunner is the ultimate version of the million-selling indie hit Spintires, releasing on October 31st this year on PC, and for the first time on Xbox One and PS4.

Like Spintires before it, Spintires: MudRunner will put players in the driver’s seat of a variety of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme landscapes with only a map and compass as their guides.

In the lead up to release, we plan on doing a weekly presentation of the iconic vehicles from the game. That means that every Friday, you can expect a blog post describing a vehicle. This will also be a great place to ask questions about the vehicle specifically, how it handles, and the niche it fills.


Vehicle Description

The C-375 is a general-purpose 6-wheeld truck. Able to carry a variety of different attachments, and coming in a variety of forms, the C-375 driven in Spintires: MudRunner features a fully enclosed all steel cabin, and a wagon-style body, allowing multiple attachments, such as log carriers and fuel carriers, making it a very versatile vehicle. Check it out in motion here!

Game Stats

The C-375 has a fuel capacity of 275L, and features differential lock and all-wheel drive. It can take up to 600 units of damage. Costing 3 balance points, the C-375 will be the backbone of your working vehicles at any time, and can do a variety of jobs. Coupled with a vehicle for refuelling, and a jeep for scouting out paths, the C-375 is a powerful workhorse that starting mudrunners will not want to leave out of their fleet.



The C-375 does not excel at anything. It is a fine truck, and anything you want it to do, it will manage just fine. Other trucks will do it better, but in a pinch, the C-375 will get the job done.


Like any jack-of-all-trades, the C-375 does not have any weakness, either. It is reliable, and if you need it to get a job done, it’ll manage, though it might struggle.



The C-375 can field many attachments, as you would expect of a workhorse vehicle.

These are:

  • Fuel Cistern – Carries Fuel
  • Fuel Semitrailer – Carries Fuel
  • Garage Parts – Carries Garage Parts
  • Garage Semitrailer – Carries Garage Parts
  • Garage Trailer – Carries Garage Parts
  • Log Carriage – Carries Short Logs
  • Log Carrier with Log Cart – Carries Medium Logs
  • Log Carrier with Crane – Carries and collects Medium Logs
  • Short Log Trailer – Carries Short Logs
  • Spare Wheel – Carries repair points.
  • Utility Attachment – Carries repair points.
  • Utility Semitrailer – Carries repair points.
  • Utility Trailer – Carries repair points.

You can pre-order Spintires MudRunner now: Owners of Spintires will benefit from an exclusive 50% discount, on top of a 10% discount on all pre-orders.

See you next week for the next vehicle presentation!

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Hi everyone!

We have a fun little announcement for those of you with a competitive streak in your bones.

For the past few weeks we’ve been working behind the scenes with the folks at Toornament to get Mordheim: City of the Damned up and running on their platform. This should make organising tournaments and leagues a much easier thing to do!

For organizers, Toornament offers up a simple way to structure and maintain your competitions, including deep settings for registrations and match setup, as well as multiple stages and structures like round robin, elimination, and bracket groups.

For participants, the real-time and easy to use interface (on web and mobile) will make finding, and signing up for, open events a breeze.

To get started, you can find Mordheim on Toornament here:

This is the first time we’re trying this platform out, so we’re keen on hearing any feedback you may have. Let us know what you think!

PLEASE NOTE: if you are have already organised a tournament and are interested in migrating it over to Toornament let me know! I can help you out to make it as easy and seamless as possible for you.

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@Hazzard If there's demand for it, I don't see why not!

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Hey gang,

We're looking into the transparent tanks that a lot of you are asking for, so please keep giving us your feedback regarding them!

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Thank you for posting this, @Sodoma!

Yes, Steam uses multiplicative percentages, so our 50% discount, on top of the 10% pre-order discount, turns into 55%, instead of 60% as we had originally thought.

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Hey there! I've spoken to the dev team, and here's their response for you - let me know if you have further questions.

The biggest issue with the old engine/gearbox setup was that allowed, well, exactly what you're looking for, 'non-default' torque curves.

What that leads to is all kinds of physics bugs, as the game engine is simply not designed for non-default torque curves, mostly with regards to the wheel physics, which are simple Havok rigid bodies, and so they can't handle high torque.

Additionally, the new engine/gearbox setup has fewer parameters so its easier to start modding.

If there's high demand for it, though, we may be able to add a toggle that allows you to revert to how the old engines worked.

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@YggBjorn At launch, console versions of the game won't be able to use wheels and pads.


Q1 - The 50% discount will definitely last up until launch, but that's as far as we can say for now.

Q2 - We do plan on supporting Nvidia 3D Vision to the same degree as the original game, yes!

Q3 - At this time, we're fully focused on making Spintires: MudRunner the ultimate version of Spintires, and so, for now, we're not talking about any plans for any future Spintires: MudRunner content.

Q4 - All 5 of the original maps will be included in Spintires: MudRunner, as well as The Flood, which is now named Deluge and been reworked.

Q5 - As answered in Question 3.

Q6 - This will be coming closer to release.

On your suggestions - thank you very much for these. I've passed them on to the development team. Please keep sending more!

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@Pcars Your English is fine, don't worry!

I see what you're asking for, and will pass your questions/suggestions on to the development teams.

@pugwonk Likewise, I've passed this onto the development team, thanks for letting us know your frustrations with the gearbox.

@Sufiyan Khan By rear view camera, are you looking for something to look through while you reverse?

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@kpbruka I'll take this to the team in charge, I can certainly see the confusion that statement could cause.

@pcars I'm not sure i'm following your question, could you clarify for me, please?

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For clarity, the new Sandbox Map isn't combining all the maps together, it is a sixth Sandbox map for playing the Single Player.

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