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It's not something we currently have planned, but I'll pass the suggestion on to the dev team.

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Hi there,

If you own the original version of Space Hulk: Deathwing, you will be upgraded to the Enhanced Edition for free.

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Hi, to confirm, you're seeing worse performance in all mods/maps/vehicles on Xbox One than you did before The Valley released?

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestions, they're much appreciated! I've passed them on to the team 🙂

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@ryguy Hi there,

As was mentioned in the post above, we are currently working on a similar DLC to The Valley.

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It's now been six months since Spintires: MudRunner launched, and this month, we're announcing a brand new feature for Spintires: MudRunner in celebration of all our dedicated players and fans!

We're very happy today to announce a new mode for Spintires: MudRunner. This mode, More Hardcore Mode, will make playing the game much harder, and drastically ramp up the difficulty.


How does this work? You'll now find areas of the map have now been transformed into treacherous quicksand! These spots are randomised, and careful planning will be needed to make sure you don't get caught and dragged down. You will need to master your winch, and your ability to crawl, to test ground and make sure it won't trap your wheels.

Quicksand is deadly even in multiplayer, with the force of the sand being able to drag multiple winched trucks deep into the ground. To survive, be sure to stop moving, and winch your friends and yourself to safety with as little motion as possible. If your vehicle is dragged deep enough down, it will be disabled for the rest of the map.

You can drag a vehicle out, if you try hard enough, but it will require your full team of MudRunners to work together as a unit, and the vehicle will be disabled until you can get repair points to it as well.

Best of luck out there, it's a dangerous time to be mudding!

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@mudrunnerr50 This is the first time that we have announced a new DLC coming soon 🙂

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@glockcoma Hi, in the main body of the post, we say that we do not have plans to put mods on console at the moment.

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@joridiculous Hi there!

I definitely plan on giving a little warning here - don't worry 🙂

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Hi Mike!

You may have missed it in the above post, but we actually announced a new DLC for Spintires: MudRunner on consoles, and will be talking about it more in the near future 🙂

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