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Hey gang,

We're looking into the transparent tanks that a lot of you are asking for, so please keep giving us your feedback regarding them!

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Thank you for posting this, @Sodoma!

Yes, Steam uses multiplicative percentages, so our 50% discount, on top of the 10% pre-order discount, turns into 55%, instead of 60% as we had originally thought.

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Hey there! I've spoken to the dev team, and here's their response for you - let me know if you have further questions.

The biggest issue with the old engine/gearbox setup was that allowed, well, exactly what you're looking for, 'non-default' torque curves.

What that leads to is all kinds of physics bugs, as the game engine is simply not designed for non-default torque curves, mostly with regards to the wheel physics, which are simple Havok rigid bodies, and so they can't handle high torque.

Additionally, the new engine/gearbox setup has fewer parameters so its easier to start modding.

If there's high demand for it, though, we may be able to add a toggle that allows you to revert to how the old engines worked.

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@YggBjorn At launch, console versions of the game won't be able to use wheels and pads.


Q1 - The 50% discount will definitely last up until launch, but that's as far as we can say for now.

Q2 - We do plan on supporting Nvidia 3D Vision to the same degree as the original game, yes!

Q3 - At this time, we're fully focused on making Spintires: MudRunner the ultimate version of Spintires, and so, for now, we're not talking about any plans for any future Spintires: MudRunner content.

Q4 - All 5 of the original maps will be included in Spintires: MudRunner, as well as The Flood, which is now named Deluge and been reworked.

Q5 - As answered in Question 3.

Q6 - This will be coming closer to release.

On your suggestions - thank you very much for these. I've passed them on to the development team. Please keep sending more!

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@Pcars Your English is fine, don't worry!

I see what you're asking for, and will pass your questions/suggestions on to the development teams.

@pugwonk Likewise, I've passed this onto the development team, thanks for letting us know your frustrations with the gearbox.

@Sufiyan Khan By rear view camera, are you looking for something to look through while you reverse?

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@kpbruka I'll take this to the team in charge, I can certainly see the confusion that statement could cause.

@pcars I'm not sure i'm following your question, could you clarify for me, please?

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For clarity, the new Sandbox Map isn't combining all the maps together, it is a sixth Sandbox map for playing the Single Player.

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Hi there!

I asked the developers, here's their response:

Engine emulation is still the same at its core, there is still no "tension-o-meter". But there are many improvements both to the behaviour of the vehicle (tension relative to pedal input) and to sound effects (loudness relative to RPM). There are some plans for future improvements in patches too.

I hope this answers your question!

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I can't really give a proper answer here - obviously nothing is off the table down the line, but we don't really have any plans for it at this time.

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