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Sorry, i didnt remember well. After checking the actual replay, apparently what happened was a foul action vs a downed troll. Somehow as if was the troll rolling the loner for the failed chainsaw. (last line)

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~~I think this should trigger it:
1)fail a really stupid check with a troll. Dont reroll it.
2)fail 2+ chainsaw activation with a rostered looney. reroll it.

what happens now should be the looney rolling a loner.~~

Accurate details and a screenshot down.

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Hi, I was looking at this game Official League&competition=Champion Ladder X&q=*vs-dices&t1=10003abde3-1738194&t2=10003abde3-1756642&m=10003abde3

There is something I don't fully understand. I reviewed the web replay and team turkish delights only rolled a double skull (turn 2). But on the chart 2d+ block best dice it seems they had 5 of them. How are they calculated? Maybe am I misunderstanding the chart?
Also when I try to download the replay file (to doublecheck) windows explorer tells me the zip file is corrupted.