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I love the game, I've been having a lot of fun. Just posted a positive review and was reading other's opinions and it seems there is a valid criticism in this one negative review that you get 2k points for losing a match so the fastest way to level up is to just lose over and over right away on the hardest difficulty.

To fix this exploit the devs need to either lower this to next to nothing (reward only for kills/objective completions) or raise the rewards for kills/completions a good amount.

If you get 2k for losing (~5 minutes) and 5k for winning (30min to an hour) it's definitely smarter to lose over and over. I'm not going to do that myself as I want to have fun playing the game (I want a pinyata not a truck load of candy)

So ya, the math is there. Please address this, I want to be able to defend this game to the critics.

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wierd boy is right, you could have resilience (30% health boost) instead of that damage boost that is a debuff 1/3rd of the time. it should be -50% to 200% or just 50% to 100% boost in damage to be worthy of the perk slot.

What He really needs is a perk that improves shock wave's radius and knockback effect by 50%,

I'd like to see an upgrade for the sword to make it the same psy cooldown reduction as the axe or something to make the sword viable as well. Being able to slot and use the other psy powers from single player would be really great, I want to pick my spells!

could even give him a heal ability so it's not just the medic, maybe a heal over time on target

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I'd like to see a wipe because of this, after a fix and balance update perhaps. I wonder how the community would vote on that. Would you guys be upset because your progress is legit/you didn't use the bug so why do I get wiped, or would ya'll be happy to start over after the fix?

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