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@steakboy1 I don't see anything productive in deriding people for desiring a system free from exploits like that. Wanders away from the point. Maybe I do need to clarify I'm talking about the afk exploit. There's no connection between AFK farming and stooging team mates for points.

In my opinion we needed a fix for this a week ago. I don't know if that would have kept the reviews from falling (they're mixed now), because there's also the extreme balance issues, but this afk exploit should have been an easy hot fix. I could of fixed it in an hour if I had access to the code. It takes more time then that to get an update published, but I feel like the time's up after seeing the falling reviews and Australians reporting the company for not giving refunds they're entitled to by law.

Not looking good and I really want this game to live to see fixes and balance updates even an expansion or sequel. The devs idleness on this matter is most perturbatory.

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Please do not post information on the exploit, I don't want to be encouraging it's use, but I am curious how people would vote on a wipe after the exploit is fixed.

Would ya'll be upset "I didn't use the exploit so why do I have to start over?"
or would ya be happy to start fresh once the xp system has been reworked?

Any suggestions other then a wipe to resolve the issue? Is it even an issue?

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@steakboy1 lol, thanks. i'm learning disabled on spelling, but i'll fix what i can

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Link is correct you can only use one upgrade per catagory
I like the accuracy barrel for auto cannon, as player skill (mouse control) can mitigate the recoil once you get used to it.
All others I suggest damage barrel, can tap fire to snipe even with Mk.II

I highly suggest target highlighter optic also

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  1. I disagree, hiding the map would punish new/casual players unnecessarily, perhaps a new difficulty setting that forces friendly fire could also have no mini map though, not a bad suggestion.
  2. good suggestion for harder difficulty settings
  3. interesting suggestion, i depend on those blips. Though this would hurt random groups, be frustrating to have duplicates or none of the item.
  4. great suggestion, would give some use to the night vision optic and our torches
  5. they seem much smarter on no mercy, they will turn around and go back if they are just charging toward their deaths and stock up genestealers before charging
  6. contradict yourself here, using formations is tactical. Also the apothecary is needed for healing, tactical/chaplain for rezing. Librarian can 1 shot turrets and shockwave having no FF when FF is enabled is cool but as u point out in 8 librarian still needs a buff. We should see this evolve in balance patches after the bug fixes happen
  7. i think, aside from the storm bolter debate, the sound effects are solid. I definitely don't want single player voice chatter going on as it'd conflict with discord. what we need is in game voice chat support.
    I do really like the idea of voice clips when abilities are activated like vermintide when an ult is used
  8. Correct. I'd like to see the librarian get a heal/hot power as well in an off healer capacity
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I'd like to see a wipe because of this, after a fix and balance update perhaps. I wonder how the community would vote on that. Would you guys be upset because your progress is legit/you didn't use the bug so why do I get wiped, or would ya'll be happy to start over after the fix?

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In customization of the Spear of Caliban choosing Emblem 5/Emblem 6 then going to lighting claws results in floating skulls. The floating skulls appear after selecting lighting claws when viewing their upgrades. Not a big deal at all obviously, still /bug report
keep up the good work

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I didn't mean to say they should ban, I just see it a lot in MMOs and diablo 3. I don't condone banning as I see it as the dev's fault for leaving a game exploitable.

It's more broken then i realized at first that we are getting xp only for relics and not for objectives. Doing special missions we don't get to grab more then 1 or 2 relic so the resulting game play is farming the easiest campaign map to get that 17.9k xp huh

Need to patch this so objectives give xp soon or I'll be flipping my review negative

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I have no experience, my thought was it could be really good with the hellfire explosions if they do damage to every body part. but then i just went for 30% health perk because damage isn't really the apoth's job.
I'd like to know if anyone's found it noticeable also /bump

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ya this exploit is an issue, i posted about it earlier. I had no idea you could just loop it and afk like that though lol
needs a hot fix to remove the base xp reward asap and possibly ban people using this exploit from multiplayer

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wierd boy is right, you could have resilience (30% health boost) instead of that damage boost that is a debuff 1/3rd of the time. it should be -50% to 200% or just 50% to 100% boost in damage to be worthy of the perk slot.

What He really needs is a perk that improves shock wave's radius and knockback effect by 50%,

I'd like to see an upgrade for the sword to make it the same psy cooldown reduction as the axe or something to make the sword viable as well. Being able to slot and use the other psy powers from single player would be really great, I want to pick my spells!

could even give him a heal ability so it's not just the medic, maybe a heal over time on target

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If you play several hours a day or more I recommend disabling vibration on any games you play, it's been linked to a disorder

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Interesting Sarge Z, that's good to hear it's not as big a difference as I had read.
I didn't realize objectives give no xp, so that means there's no difference between winning or losing if you get the same relics and kills huh.

@Goloith I agree there should be no base reward, I definitely don't mean to suggest making anything harder, I think the rewards for harder difficulties (10k up from 5k a win in my experiance) seems good. The problem is the base reward as you say.

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There is the 30% armor perforation/attack speed perk, but ya it desperately needs an upgrade like the power sword for the assault class which gives huge bonuses to make it competitive.

Another thought is it could be viable for friendly fire mode because it has no explosion radius, but unless there's something we're missing it needs a 300% damage boost like the sword has or just a big buff to base stats

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I love the game, I've been having a lot of fun. Just posted a positive review and was reading other's opinions and it seems there is a valid criticism in this one negative review that you get 2k points for losing a match so the fastest way to level up is to just lose over and over right away on the hardest difficulty.

To fix this exploit the devs need to either lower this to next to nothing (reward only for kills/objective completions) or raise the rewards for kills/completions a good amount.

If you get 2k for losing (~5 minutes) and 5k for winning (30min to an hour) it's definitely smarter to lose over and over. I'm not going to do that myself as I want to have fun playing the game (I want a pinyata not a truck load of candy)

So ya, the math is there. Please address this, I want to be able to defend this game to the critics.