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This is getting ridiculous the amount of teamkilling, trolling, and general bullshittery, we need a reporting system now. Or at least a kick team player option. I had a teammate throw our entire game by shooting us individually with his makarov and flashing us, and we were completely stuck with him and powerless. FIX THIS SHIT NOW!!!!!

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Played a ranked game against a full clan. The clan's ping ended up being like 150+ for all of them, so they abandoned the game 4-0 cause it wasn't playable for them. So my team ended up leaving the game after they all left. 1hr later it still says game in progress, if i join the game, the timer doesn't go down, it stays where it is.

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Maybe its just me, but it seems like every other competitive game theres at least 1 person who accepts the queue but doesn't end up joining the actual server after everyone readys up. Like it's almost every other game at this point. But there needs to be some more hefty consequence's for leaving games/queues if we're going to stop all these dodgers.

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