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The best Chaos fleet is probably 6 slaughters with Slaanesh or Nurgle, a skill of your choice, AP ammo and boosting while silent.

Carnages are also good, you can do 5 with 7 escorts and focus on kiting + map control or 6 with 2 and play it like a longer ranged Slaughter fleet.

5 archerons and 2 escorts with Tzeen cloud / Slaanesh can kite even good players on most faction. But you'll probably lose against any competent Eldar, because you don't do as much DPS as them (especially through holos) and you can't avoid brawling because they are faster than you.

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@LKHERO I very much agree. A few comments:

  1. Drukhari need a slight nerf to either damage or HP.
  2. CW cruisers should go down to either 4 or 6 torpedoes. It's just too much damage for a cruiser, especially one that can easily maneuver to exactly the right angle and range to hit with the full volley. Two volleys can 100-0 most faction's cruisers.
  3. Corsair need to lose or have a reduced Fragile. They're already the most vulnerable faction in the game to the effects of crits (gens down = death, engine down = death, deck out = can't 270 arc any more, vulnerable to mutiny). They don't need to also take MORE crits.
  4. Pulsar damage needs to go up a bit. They underperform compared to both macros and torpedoes, right now there is no reason to ever pick them except on an 18k Voidstalker admiral build.
  5. Basically every CW player takes the +4.5k range on Runic Targeting and stays in that stance the entire match, orbiting at 13.5k except to come in for a torpedo run. I'd like to see extra range offered only at the cost of the 270 arc, or vice versa. So CW would start with Lock On by default, but could take an upgrade to replace that stance with (9k but 270 arcs) Runic Targeting.
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It doesn't disable holos.

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@Aram_theHead Sure, as long as the ships don't rely on completely different strategies. For example, you can run 3 Carnages (18k macro CR), 2 Archerons (18k lance BC), and 5 escorts. The Carnage macros strip shields while the Archeron lances help kill dodging escorts. But you wouldn't want to run Archerons and Slaughters together, because Slaughters are high speed short range ships and Archerons are ultra long range kiters - the Slaughters would just get shredded by the enemy fleet's 9k DPS while the Archerons plink.

You can throw a Kroot ball or two in a Protector Tau cruiser build to give you a tankier front line.

You can use a Voidstalker admiral with the range upgrade to safely focus targets while a bunch of corsair escorts and LCs screen.

You can add Overlords to an Avenger IN fleet and keep them on the outside as you engage to make sure your whole fleet is firing while somewhat spread, then bring them in at full health to ram and torpedo while some Avengers dive in with them to tank and any focused ones sit back a little to recharge shields.

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@Aram_theHead For carriers, you basically have two options: 1. pure carriers with enough fighters to potentially get enemy defense turrets to near zero, 2. just a couple bays in your whole fleet, used mostly for fighter scouting and occasionally to kill 1-2 bay enemy fighter scouting. Having half your fleet be carriers can kind of work if you lead with a squad or two of fighters and have the rest be bombers (expecting few to none to survive the trip back), but it's just not very good unless you can also force the enemy to split up by outcapping (by using chaos LC carriers or a fast carrier fleet and a ton of escorts).

I don't think you have to go full torpedo to get good use out of them though. Torpedoes en masse CAN be used as a big spread against a whole enemy fleet (like IN meltas vs orks) but it's generally a waste of ammo and you are better off using them at the minimum arming distance (2.5k or so?), where even with enemy ships around not many will die to defense turrets before they hit.

Most factions (nids excluded) can't significantly change how much boarding they bring, especially relative to enemy troop number variation between factions. But boarding actually works well even at different power levels. If you just have a little, you can do things like board to temp crit the deck of a ship about to mutiny so it can't execute. Or temp crit engines of a ship that already burned emergency repair and is running for it. Or temp crit gens on a ship that's about to recover its shields. With a moderate amount relative to your opponent, you can perm crit something important. And with a lot you can obviously hulk.

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This would destroy creativity and in fact reduce fleet diversity. If X BC is too strong, adjust its cost. If you limit it to 2/fleet instead, you simply force every competitive player in that faction to fit two in their fleet.

FYI, the 3x bay drukhari LC is bugged, it's only supposed to have one bay. There's no way eldar could get a 3 bay carrier for that price normally.

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@beernchips said in Well boys and girls, I'm out.:

@ those crying about chasing escort, if you still have so many ships that you crushed the fights, why you don t just cap 3 VPs and hold them until you win instead of chasing something faster than you across all map?

I'll go further. If you're slower than your opponent, start the match by capping three points that are relatively close together and have a bit of cloud / asteroid cover. Keep your fleet loosely clustered in the middle and shoot / move toward the enemy if they step on one of your 3 points and reveal themselves. At no point do you need to mindlessly run at your opponent.

I've had so many people chase me around the map as like grand cruiser IN vs drukhari and then complain that the game mode is unfair and unfun. You won't catch drukhari with 160 speed ships. Defend 3 points.

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@demoulius said in Capture Points need to go, or at least give us an Annihilation alternative.:

All of the fleets have their own pro's and con's and alot of the scenario's in the base game (except cruiser clash) would allow them a chance to shine in some form or another.

Please no, I don't want 95% Corsair winrate vs Orks on Data Recovery and 95% Orks vs Corsairs winrate on Space Station Defense like in the first game. Balance the factions so that any faction can beat any other faction in any match (even if that means using only one mode).

And the capture point system makes for much better games than Cruiser Clash, where everyone just balled up and the heavier ball chased the lighter one around the map. I WOULD like to see escort capping specifically made less effective somehow, even if that's just a minor nerf by making cap speed depend on total tonnage on the point instead of number of ships. Or allow them to cap but not decap, so "backcapping" with an escort no longer works.

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All pure carrier builds are very strong this beta. Nids simply have the most bays and the best synergy between their ordnance (assault boats) and ships (boarding, tentacles), so their carriers are completely overwhelming. Non-carrier nids are good but not overpowered, its very easy to reveal them with an escort or probe and then stay out of 4.5k while kiting.

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@Alandauron My take on necrons matchup vs

  • Nids: horrifying boarding death for necrons
  • BB drukhari or Stealth LC with AP ammo: they just do more damage than necrons. And if necrons alpha strike with starpulse, they'll get hammered by torpedoes.
  • x4 crit Protectors: necrons will be a systemless husk before you get to 50% HP.
  • lance chaos: necrons can't even get to boarding range against 22.5k lance chaos without using mass recall. When they do, chaos just boosts away and resumes shredding them with lances
  • Orks: horrifying ram, torpedo, AND boarding death for necrons
  • Craftworld: maybe this is winnable? They should be able to outcap necrons and stay out of 9k except when theyjump though.
  • Admech: Brohan and I killed a cairn from 100 to 0 using novas in 2v2 before it could engage. If necrons can get into melee somewhat intact maybe they can win it though.
  • SM: they can hulk necrons, and again necrons have to hold starpulse for torps.
  • IN: if they are high enough level to have AP ammo, they'll probably outbrawl you.
  • Merchant Tau: this might actually be a decent matchup for necrons, lots of escorts to lightning arc to.
  • Corsairs: if necrons wait for them to boost, then mass recall, then jump again when they boost again, all while focusing engines, they can maybe win this. If they screw it up or don't have mass recall, corsairs can just keep a safe distance and pulsar them to death.

What exactly are you running on necrons? If you're a strong player it may just be you outplaying people rather than necrons being usable at a high level.

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