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Since the patch I am having fatal errors because of some directX issues or so, especialy during the campaign, I played the imperial one, on the sector map. Did not had this before the patch.

Earlier this for instance I wanted to play but it was crashing like 4 times in 1 hour.

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I think it works good in the campaign with the slow increase of the fleet cap but yes it could go further.

Also it should be allowed to adjust the fleet cap in single player and multiplayer 1on1 games, maybe even the 2on2 ones. Maybe not for ladder purposes but for everyone else at least.

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Yes I totaly agree with that, makes much more sense.

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Hello there BFG:A2 Team.

I have a very big problem, don't know if others have this as well.

When having a resolution ratio of 4:3, while chosing the fleet for instance, the left and right side of the screen are missing. This means, I can only see half the profile of the ships, also this means, I cannot even see and thus cannot choose the escort ships.

If I put the resolution on the highest one, with a 16:9 ratio it fits BUT than the whole image is squeezed.

Please check that! Not all people on earth have 16:9 wide screens, some of us still use the old, simple 4:3 ratio ones.

It would be a shame that I (and others) could not be able to play this game just because of such a stupid issue.
I already had the same problem with Fallout 4 and THIS was a very big disappointment for such a big and famous developer and game.


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