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While playing in a 3-man party today, I lost connectivity to the US West Coast server I was on (for some reason). My other two party members didn't, and continued playing. I was unable to figure out a way to rejoin them, and had to wait for their game to end.

Is there a way to rejoin and I just didn't see it? If not, could that be added please? 🙂

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I like the TTK. A lot. It means you need to move carefully, peak carefully, and sometimes not fire so as to not draw attention to yourself. Good stuff.

What I don't like are the explosives. With the TTK as quick as it is, the explosives have to go. Or they have to be toned WAAAAAAAAY down as far as splash damage is concerned. I get nuked way too often by RPGs, mortars, flying C4, etc. And it ruins my experience.

I know the explosives are needed for the vehicles. Cool. Let's tone the splash damage down in infantry, please?

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I'm going to "me too" with the performance thing. Bear in mind I'm running it in 4K, but I have a pair of OC'd Titan X Pascals. Unfortunately there still isn't a usable SLI profile yet, so that's definitely hurting.

The main issue are the frame dumps. If it was a steady 55FPS, that would be one thing. It would suck pretty badly, but it'd be one thing. What I'm experiencing is rapid and random frame dumps: it'll be sailing along at 85-90FPS and then tank to 40 or less. Then back up again. Generally it happens when the fun begins. IOW: fire fights.

This is akin to what guruguru was saying above.

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