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@incubii54 said in Champion ladder Season 22 starts tomorrow!:

Hi. The open ladder 22 states experienced teams can join but when I try it won't let me as it states I have played one or more games. However checking the leaderboard there are teams with a TV of 2000+. Clearly not new teams. Can you explain?

I'm pretty sure that while teams that have experience can join, they must have been created as an open or champion ladder team, and they could not have ever left the league (even if you never played a match outside of the champion or open ladder).

At least that's how it appears to treat my teams.

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I had a weird match this morning. The match started with my opponent disconnecting prior to the kickoff, which is not suspicious in the least. He also disconnected in the middle of the match, which also wasn't suspicious. Each disconnect the timer would start at 6:00 and count down to about 1 minute before my opponent reconnected.

Finally with two turns left, and me about to win the match, my opponent disconnected again. This time the timer went down to 1 minute again and then they reconnected without actually reconnecting. I mean, I had a movement pathed and the movement never happened. But the reconnect timer went back to 6:00 minutes without the match ever starting again. This time the timer went down to about 2:30 and then another timer claiming I was disconnected from the servers started.

His timer ran down to 0 and nothing happened. Eventually my timer for the loss of server went down to zero and the match was awarded 3-1 to my opponent.

I don't know what the heck was going on, but I've never seen anything like it. It was VERY disappointing to spend over 20 minutes just waiting for him to reconnect over the course of the match, and get robbed of the victory when my team was currently the top placed skaven team.

ROUS No More vs Odino's Pizza, played today 2018/02/29 09:32 AM UTC-7.

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One thing that happens a lot is that after the dice come up the camera can shift, which causes the dice to move under your mouse. When that happens you can click a die you did not intend. But I think that would be obvious, as the incorrectly chosen die would be displayed. If the star/dodge was displayed and the attacker went down that's a bad bug that I have not yet seen.

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You cannot block after take root if the Treeman also declared a blitz action, but with only a block action he can continue the block and will remain rooted afterwards.

However, any time a treeman is knocked down take root is removed. He still has to roll to stand up and roll for take root on subsequent turns however.

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At high TV when they add tackle to their other kill skills you just need to hope the injury dice aren't hot. Before then the AG teams should be able to dodge away and win the ball portion of the match.

While skaven can get their own claw, they also have AG3 linerats with few skills. So they cannot get away from the killers as well as an unskilled elf lineman can, so its a trade off.

What the claw teams do is keep the straight bash from getting to too high of a TV. If all the dwarves and orcs didn't have claw to worry about they would continue their TV climb, and its a lot harder to win against high TV bash with dash than it is to win against the claw teams.

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I don't know what control mode you use, but if you use PC I had the same problem with BB2 controls.

With the control setting to BB1, a left click selects a player while a right click selects a desire to pass to a player, so there's no confusion.

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@coachwolfskin said in Skaven advice:

Yes, I concur with Javelin. But if you can induce a ROgre, you might be able to get a starplayer aswell. There's one with Claw, he's great. 😉

That's a great point. In BB1 we didn't have any of the good star players for Skaven, so the Rogre was a good choice. But with Glart at 210 he's better in most ways at only a 30K increase...

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@isarnwolf said in PC/Mac Update

@netheos said in PC/Mac Update

Fixed a singleplayer bug with Leap when a player tries to Leap using GFI movement.

There's still a Leap GFI bug that happens in actual multiplayer match. Happened to me at least 4 times this season with Kislev and just now again in a post-update match. It's always the same scenario: Leap forces a GFI, Dodge doesn't, even if you move exactly the same amount of squares.

Keep in mind that leap always takes two squares of movement, even if you only leap one square. That caused me a lot of confusion when I first started playing Kislev as I wasn't familiar with leap.

Leap (Agility) A player with the Leap skill is allowed to jump to any empty square within 2 squares even if it requires jumping over a player from either team. Making a leap costs the player two squares of movement. In order to make the leap, move the player to any empty square 1 to 2 squares from their current square and then make an Agility roll for the player. No modifiers apply to this D6 roll unless he has Very Long Legs. The player does not have to dodge to leave the square he starts in. If the player successfully makes the D6 roll then they make a perfect jump and may carry on moving. If the player fails the Agility roll then he is Knocked Down in the square that he was leaping to, and the opposing coach makes an Armour roll to see if he was injured. A failed leap causes a turnover, and the moving team’s turn ends immediately. A player may only use the Leap skill once per Action.

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The problem with the ROgre is tha the is most useful early on in the skaven team's life (before the stormvermin get a few skills). But he's hard to afford at that time and still get all the gutters, which are more important to the team's success.

Once you have MB on a stormvermin (or preferably MB and Claw), you don't want to blitz with the ROgre very often. And as CoachWolfskin said he's not a great roadblock for a big guy. So at that point his main benefit is being a target until he is removed from the pitch.

Keep in mind that an induced ROgre is exactly as good as a rookie rostered ROgre, so it actually makes a decent inducement against higher TV teams. Whether he's better than two linerats depends on the rest of your roster and who you are facing, but he's definitely an option.

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It's the same complaints you see for internet poker vs live poker.

It's not the RNG, it's the fact that you can play a lot more matches online than you can fit in tabletop. Since you play more matches, there are more rolls, and the unlikely rolls and unlikely sequence of rolls happen more often (simply because they have a chance to happen more often).

So you get more opportunities to experience the good and bad randomness swings...

As far as coping, it's just a game. Play if you're enjoying it, and take a break when you're not.