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Sounds cool. Remind me not to touch your console :-)

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Had a match today Kislev vs Kislev. My bear on the LOS was hit by a rock, and his lineman not on the LOS was also hit by a rock. Both players were stunned.

His player was available to be used on turn 2, but my bear stayed stunned through turns 1 and 2 and wasn't available until turn 3.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Odd that skills like dodge that cause a non team RR show up in the log but sure feet does not. that's one skill icon I guess I don't have memorized!

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I was playing a match today in CCL where by team "Bear Down II" faced a goblin team "Fire and Fury".

He had a goblin who was moved to a position that would take two GFIs.

The first GFI failed, and a reroll happened which passed. Then the second GFI occurred and he used his team reroll to reroll that (which succeeded). I can't think of any situation where this should occur. There were no other skills involved (such as Pro).

Here's a screenshot.


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Conceding allows you to get out of otherwise hard matchups. Hitting end turn does not.

Going AFK and forcing your opponent to wait for every timer in the game to constantly time out is not a competitive issue, it's disrespectful to your opponents. If it was allowed to occur then it is useful as a griefing tool which would ruin the competition if left unchecked.

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I fired up BB1 CE just to check and its working fine for me. Pretty weird.

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For some reason I thought this was an old bug that was fixed? But in a match I played today there was a thrown rock on the turn 1 kickoff that stunned my Kislev blitzer. He was stunned on turns 1 and 2 and I couldn't move him until turn 3.

Then on the turn 8 kickoff my opponent's dark elf lineman was hit by a rock. He was also stunned both turns 8 and 9.

This is not correct is it?

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@voodoomike said in Champion Ladder Community Discussion:

If you want to see a dramatic shift away from bash, run CCL as a rez environment with progression. With all teams being equally durable there will be no incentive to focus heavily on the three bash (with claw, especially) staples: durability, sustainable development, and effectiveness against durable, sustainable teams (other bash). Likewise, given the lack of danger to your team's effectiveness associated with playing matches, there's an incentive to play more matches as every match is more development. Currently, each match is a gamble, not only that you might lose a match and decrease your record, but also that your team might be damaged going into the cup, should you qualify.

I agree with you that having a rez environment with progression will likely encourage those who can to play more matches. I can't see how more matches could be a bad thing for Focus/Cyanide or most players, but it's not obvious to me how it might affect the types of matches we will see.

Would we end up with a lot of 100+ match superteams with 10 legendary players? If we did, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Since the seasons start over with fresh teams after each season the impact is limited from season to season. I'm just not sure if we would end up with a bunch of matches of 3000+ vs 3000+ TV teams. I don't know if I would enjoy that or not! I'm certainly not against it as an idea since it can be changed back if the player base doesn't like it. But it doesn't feel like the BB I know and love.

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I just checked the CCL Top coaches in Opposition/Game. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting this correctly, but it appears that of all the coaches I've faced the 3rd highest average ranking over my 42 matches?

It's hard not to interpret that as I'm the third best at boosting my oppositions ratings with my poor play :-)

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