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Corsairs need Augur disruptor bomb removed entirely and replaced with anything else. For them it is a trap option for players who don't understand game mechanics. You never can have a blip state as corsairs, ever, you are either identified, or stealthed.

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@realfinney Onslaughts are very durable for their point cost, and also they have a decent accuracy gun that is good for fishing crits. If you park 4 of those behind some enemy ship to keep them safe they can pepper it really nicely. It is hard to evade rams with these though when you have a squigload of other ships to control at the same time, so setting auto engage with 9k for them is a must, try to spread them a bit while doing that.

Another advice from me would be to try and include one light rok in your build. I was skeptical on it, but light rok is quickly proving to be effective. They have 200 max movement speed (escort speed) and also they can't suffer an engine/deck crit. So put it infront of your ships, preferably right on top of enemy point and treat it as a crit absorbing sponge. The more enemy commits to it, the better, meanwhile your other ships are closing in with their engines intact. The only weakness it has is getting boarded, so try to syphon crew from escorts if it gets hulked. Unlike normal ships it still can function well after getting hulked multiple times.

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I second claim about admiral portraits. They are really well done, any chance it'd be included in a kit?

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@jellyfoosh it is great to see that you guys are keeping up the good work with patches and balancing!

I would personally recommend looking into engine crits thoroughly, as these are the most deciding crit most of the time. Ship without engines can't cap and is as good as a dead meat most of the time.

I'd propose to have multiple crit stages for engines like eldar but for all races. Bigger tonnage means more stages for a ship, as it gradually drops it's speed. Something along the lines of 1 for LC, 2 for C, 3 for BC, 4 for GC and 5 for Boost becomes unavailable at the last stage. Maybe BS could keep their speed for first 3 stages (it is already pretty low).

Also other system damage could become more gradual in order to make it less swingy as well and allow heavier ships to have multiple stages in order to absorb punishment better. Like multiple stages for generators. In order of normal shields each stage could have reduced max shield HP or regeneration speed. For eldar ships each stage could reduce holofield/shadowfield speed gain time and increase holofield's degradation time on low speeds.

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In 2v2 at the start of the match after deployment game will sometimes remove both skills and upgrades from you and your teammate. Opponent is unaffected. At some point this has happened both to me and my opponents. At the end screen of the match where I've experienced it myself game has shown that I had all my upgrades, but my teammate didn't have anything on screen. Teammate has confirmed in chat that he had to fight through the entire match with no skills/upgrades, meanwhile both opponents had skills and upgrades.

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Tau protector fleet has troubles reselecting some upgrades during deployment zone (for example augur probe) because they are right on top of montka-kayon tactics which causes weird interaction. It is possible to select it, but you have to go pixel hunting in order to do it which is annoying.

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@beernchips This is wrong. Reload is one of the most used though because it buffs both macro firing rate and combustion replenishment, so it is used the most. Usage of stances is reactive though.

Lock on: Failing to hit enemy because of long range or fishing for a crit with lances
Reload: Chasing/Kiting and close range brawling (orks are exception since their heavy macro accuracy is horrible and +20% hit chance from lock on is very beneficial)
Brace for impact: Should be used only if you expect a tremendous ammount of damage to hull, from ram, bombers or torpedoes.

I do agree that it'd be nice to get some cuts to macro firing on Reload, as combustion replenishment is already very powerful. Additional range on Lock on should probably be gone too.

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Some upgrades are essential and it is kinda annoying that you have to grind to get those. Biggest offender is probably a Traktor kannon for orks because it actually gives you a chance to catch a kiting fleet, but it is only available at level 10.

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I think that what makes your fleet viable are Onslaughts. They are ridiculously good for their cost, and when amassed can wreck any ship, provided that they won't get rammed at it.

Your fleet looks solid. The only thing I slightly dislike is lack of zoning tools via torps or any protection from carriers. However you should obliterate anything if you've managed to catch it in stasis bubble and get within 4.5k. I'd say that anuver deck is almost mandatory for you, because without lock on your DPS will drop significantly and most people target decks vs orks.

Also I'd recommend moving the thread to the faction discussion board

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I'd rather see IN Battleships become viable through other means. MWJ is a cheap way of doing so, as a BS ram+torps just deletes one of your ships (including BS!) if timed and positioned correctly. The only way of reliably countering it is by having a MWJ of your own or playing necrons.

Making BS have lower crit probability was a step in a right direction. We need more of that, like multiple crit stages for generators, engines and decks, with BS having more stages compared to other vessels. Maybe fire resistance of some sort.